Wall Street Journal - Sep 19 2016 - Talk Like a Pirate Day

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Clues Answers
'Barbara ___' (Beach Boys song) ANN
'If you say so' IGUESS
'Speed-the-Plow' playwright MAMET
'___ Kapital' DAS
Ankle bones TARSALS
Applied science pro: Abbr ENGR
Applies frosting to ICES
Blood-colored RED
Boozer SOT
Boxer Sugar Ray LEONARD
Brew popular in Britain TEA
Brew popular in Britain ALE
Campaign loser ALSORAN
Cellist Pablo CASALS
Chops into small cubes DICES
Cloth woven from flax LINEN
Country music's Atkins CHET
Dense crowds THRONGS
Diminutive TEENSY
Doesn't guzzle SIPS
Egg-shaped wind instrument OCARINA
Ellipsis trio DOTS
Expert in the field FARMER
Fail to include OMIT
Fail to notice MISS
Fallacious UNTRUE
Ferrari or Fiat CAR
Flu symptom ACHE
Fraternal order with lodges ELKS
From Riga, say LATVIAN
German exclamations ACHS
Gives, but not as a gift LENDS
Handled wrongly MISDONE
Hit show letters SRO
Hunting dog SETTER
Immune system component TCELL
Ivy, for one CREEPER
Clues Answers
Jack's value in blackjack TEN
Join a sit-in, say PROTEST
Lacking locks BALD
Lawn material SOD
Leave $20 for a $12 lunch, say OVERTIP
Long John Silver was lacking one LEG
Longing YEN
Makes longer EXTENDS
Making a choice OPTING
Mechanic's workplace GARAGE
Milk, in Marseille LAIT
Nation between Iraq and Afghanistan IRAN
Pirate's favorite animals for ship's mascots? AARDVARKS
Pirate's favorite reveling cry? PARTYHEARTY
Pirate's preferred method of payment? CHARGECARD
Pirate's prisoner watcher? ARMEDGUARD
Pirate's training for combat? MARTIALARTS
Poorly made, in slang CHEAPO
Quarterback Dawson LEN
Represent, as in legal matters ACTFOR
Shipping destination SEAPORT
Singer McEntire REBA
Singers Acuff and Orbison ROYS
Spotted with color, as a horse DAPPLED
Stalactite's spot CAVE
Stayed out of sight HID
Superman foe ___ Luthor LEX
Take ___ of faith ALEAP
Tax-filing mo APR
Trade restriction EMBARGO
Unchallenging EASY
Unlike this puzzle ans ACR
Use a yardstick MEASURE
Warrior who may wield a katana SAMURAI
Worm on a hook, for example BAIT
___ de mer MAL