Canadiana - Sep 12 2016

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Clues Answers
A ___ blanket WET
A ___ sense SIXTH
A ___ summer DRY
A ___ touch SOFT
A ___in the neck PAIN
A ____ for sore eyes SIGHT
Actress Garr TERI
Affaire d'honneur DUEL
Applications USES
Aspirations HOPES
A____ lesson HARD
Bane of adolescents ACNE
Baseball's Mel and hockey's Steve OTTS
Birman or Bombay CAT
Chop AXE
Citrus fruit LIME
Dory or gig BOAT
Droop HANG
Electrical unit OHM
Eve's significant other ADAM
Eye infection STYE
First Chinese dynasty HSIA
Fossil fuel COAL
Go wrong ERR
Goalies gear PADS
Goblin IMP
Grandma, affectionately NAN
Gumbo OKRA
Hideaway STASH
Hockey icon HOWE
Imitate APE
In excelsis ____ DEO
Israeli port ELAT
Clues Answers
Jai ____ ALAI
Laertes, for one DANE
Letters denoting alias AKA
Little one TAD
Mexican menu item TACO
Mil. misdemeanor AWOL
Misery WOE
Moonfish OPAH
Mourning ____ DOVE
Ms Macaw REE
Neglect OMIT
Nothing in Novgorod NADA
Officers club MESS
Palm leaf paper OLA
Part of an internet address DOT
Pitcher EWER
Poet's before ERE
Possess OWN
Postal address RRI
Ripped TORE
Semiconductor unit DIODE
Shelter TENT
Statutes ACTS
Tiny island ISLET
Totals ADDS
Ulster COAT
Unis _____ ETATS
Upchuck BARF
Visualize SEE
___ pursuit HOT
___ shoulder COLD
____ ache HEART
____La Biche LAC