L.A. Times Daily - Sep 8 2016

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Clues Answers
"I'm outta here" ADIOS
"If she did play false, the fault was __": Shak HERS
"Iliad" warrior AJAX
"Well, shoot" DRAT
"Will do!" ONIT
"__ Doone" LORNA
Actress Lena OLIN
Amazon's biz ETAIL
As __: grouped together ASET
Baseball's "Georgia Peach" COBB
Big fight MELEE
Bill "Bojangles" Robinson's forte TAPDANCING
Brand in a B-52 cocktail KAHLUA
Cadillac compact ATS
Campers' gathering place FIRE
Chaucer narrative told by Huberd, with "The" FRIARSTALE
Chef's creation SALSA
Chinese: Pref SINO
Chums, slangily PEEPS
Claim in a tissue ad SOFTER
Colbert, for one HOST
Collecting Soc. Sec RET
Common refreshment AGUA
Cone makers PINES
Cookout spot PATIO
Coop occupant HEN
Court activity HOOPS
Destined FATED
Devices with security cameras ATMS
Dust __ RUFFLE
Elegant molding OGEE
English assignment ESSAY
Enjoy an e-cig VAPE
Family nickname NANA
Figure of veneration SANTA
First name in jazz ELLA
Clues Answers
Fluffed-up dos AFROS
Heavenly figure SERAPH
Holmes accessory BRIARPIPE
Island near Sicily MALTA
Juicing discards PEELS
Landscaper's contraption SEEDER
Like a crowbar BENT
MacFarlane of "Family Guy" SETH
Mindful of one's own needs SELFAWARE
Museum contents ARTE
Not us OTROS
One may be tipped HAT
One rooting for the Niners, briefly SFFAN
One who might be a CPA CFO
Open, in a way UNCAP
Pretensions AIRS
Produced with effort, with "out" EKED
Promise VOW
Rapper __ Shakur TUPAC
Really dug ATEUP
Roman landmark graphically portrayed by this puzzle's circles THESPANISHSTEPS
Sea predator ORCA
Six-time Emmy winner ALDA
Slight manifestation, as of hope RAY
Smooth transitions SEGUES
Soup bean LIMA
Striped stone AGATE
Struck (out) XED
The 1% in 1% milk FAT
Transitory passion FAD
Translate, in a way DECODE
TV comic Kovacs ERNIE
TV cop with a Tootsie Pop THEOKOJAK
Winter accessory SCARF
Winter warmer OILHEATER