- Sep 8 2016

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Clues Answers
''Bus Stop'' dramatist INGE
''Deee-lish!'' YUM
''Fine'' or ''lost'' things ARTS
''No goals yet,'' in soccer NIL
''Pretty nifty!'' COOL
. . . at a football game FIELDJUDGE
. . . at band practice DRUMMAJOR
. . . in the city TRAFFICCOP
. . . on the beach LIFEGUARD
Air-powered PNEUMATIC
Alias lead-in AKA
Alphabetic trio DEF
Arrive by Dreamliner FLYIN
Automaker supplier STEELMILL
Black Sea region CRIMEA
Bond's movie debut DRNO
Brief affirmation ITIS
British essayist ELIA
Cabernet Sauvignon, e.g RED
Camper's bag DUFFEL
Chad neighbor SUDAN
Chess denouement ENDGAME
Conclusion of ''Cats'' ACTII
Constituent SEGMENT
Cookie in dirt cake OREO
Cornfield attraction MAZE
Crow cousin JAY
Diagonally-cut pasta PENNE
Dmitri's denial NYET
Email alternative TEXT
Exhibiting a smirk, perhaps AMUSED
Faucet competitor of Kohler MOEN
Female rabbit DOE
Film format IMAX
Financial aid consideration NEED
Five-sided plate HOME
Fizzling-out sound PFFT
French actress Green EVA
Gave off, as charisma OOZED
Give in to wanderlust ROVE
Clues Answers
Good source of protein MEAT
Hitherto AGO
Houseplant perch SILL
Landlord, on rent checks PAYEE
License plates TAGS
Made believable SOLD
Mag for high-level leaders CEO
Marsh growth REED
Merchandise advisory ASIS
NATO member USA
No longer hungry FED
Officeholders POLS
One who takes things the wrong way THIEF
Parlor design TAT
PC scrolling key PGUP
Plundered LOOTED
Primatology study APES
Promotes, as benefits TOUTS
Reporter's accessory NOTEPAD
School supplies ERASERS
Section with slicers DELI
Short dog, for short PEKE
Site for Jewish singles JDATE
Skipping seconds, maybe ONADIET
Slavic version of ''John'' IVAN
Soap-making chemical LYE
Something closed at bedtime EYELID
Statuesque TALL
Stocking shade ECRU
Subtle auction bids NODS
Synonym of ''mysterious'' heard within it EERIE
Teeny bit ATOM
Tough trek SCHLEP
Twangy NASAL
Verbal ORAL
Volleyball brand VOIT
What Teslas don't take GAS
Whopper LIE
Workout centers GYMS