Wall Street Journal - Sep 17 2016 - Climb In!

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Clues Answers
'Edit this manuscript I wrote!'? MARKUPMYWORDS
'Let them barbershop singers dangle!'? STRINGUPQUARTETS
'Mystic River' writer Dennis LEHANE
'Try me' ASK
'What nonsense!' OHPOOH
Accounting column ONES
Apparently is SEEMS
As a result THUS
Austrian article EIN
Bates of 'American Horror Story' KATHY
Be abundant TEEM
Beyond unpopular HATED
Big musical group OCTET
Bookish bunch LITERATI
Bureau CHEST
Call for the Coast Guard RADIO
Cause a Congressional bigwig to bust a gut? CRACKUPTHEWHIP
Checks the figures? OGLES
City with a famous mausoleum AGRA
Clue heading ACROSS
Company best known for its cassette tapes TDK
Congregation holder NAVE
Consider LOOKAT
Container for flies TACKLEBOX
Course listing MENU
Dash gauge TACH
Declines EBBS
Delhi tongue URDU
Delta stuff SILT
Dissimilarity CONTRAST
Diverting FUN
Do-it-yourself guru Bob VILA
Doing a jig to celebrate dissolving a relationship? BREAKUPDANCING
Domain of Louis the Pious: Abbr HRE
Done in SLAIN
Dreadlocked dogs PULIS
Dunderhead ASS
Email program button SEND
Embassy figure ATTACHE
Entrances PORTALS
Epitome of easiness ABC
Everyone in the pool? STENOS
Evidence examiners GRANDJURY
Festival when hamantaschen are eaten PURIM
Festoons on Halloween, informally TPS
Flipper's feat RESALE
Fresh from the pool WET
Fringe benefits PERKS
Fruit that isn't cute? UGLI
Full of twists MAZY
Furtive sort SNEAK
Glade target ODOR
Great Leap Forward proponent MAO
Grouse CARP
Hammett hound ASTA
Harsh quality EDGE
Haul with effort SHLEP
He pours beers for Homer, Carl and Lenny MOE
Humphrey's 'Casablanca' role RICK
In a macabre manner EERILY
In a spirited manner GAILY
In the drunk tank? LOCKEDUPANDLOADED
Index letters NYSE
Kid around JEST
La Lune circles it TERRE
Like some upscale neighborhoods GATED
Lothario RAKE
Lowest deck on the ship ORLOP
Macbeth's dagger, e.g PROP
Clues Answers
Madrid Mmes SRAS
Make a surgical cut INCISE
Many Christmas presents TOYS
Mini marsupial JOEY
Mini marsupial ROO
Monopoly buy HOUSE
Morally bankrupt BASE
Move for Michelle Kwan AXEL
Muse often depicted with a celestial globe URANIA
Nasty nesters WASPS
No-win situation? DRAW
Not bound to Hillary or Donald: Abbr IND
Old-school man caves DENS
Org. with a Colorado Springs training facility USOC
Org. with a summer championship PGA
Overture follower ACTI
Painter Magritte RENE
Pair on a pinup GAMS
Palestine's Arafat YASIR
Penultimate contest SEMI
Play with your fingers STRUM
Plug part PRONG
Poignant wind OBOE
Point of view ANGLE
Primordial matter OOZE
Private school student PREPPIE
Programmer's job CODING
Record holder SLEEVE
Red wine from Australia SHIRAZ
Reggae forerunner SKA
Reproachful sound TSK
Retire from refereeing with a bang? BLOWUPTHEWHISTLE
Rouen rooster COQ
Sarcastic laughs HAHAS
Seasoned snail ESCARGOT
Seville tourist attraction ALCAZAR
Shannon in the Pro Football Hall of Fame SHARPE
Significant gap LACUNA
Sing the praises of EXTOL
Singer Del Rey LANA
Somewhat ABIT
Stephen of 'The Crying Game' REA
Tablet purchase APP
Ten below? TOES
Terminates ENDS
They'll get you in the door TICKETS
They're measured in degrees ARCS
To boot ALSO
Tools for cobblers AWLS
U.N. ambassador under John and Lyndon ADLAI
Ultimo product BRA
Ultrabright NEON
Unexciting BLAH
Use it for crying out loud HANKY
Use plastic, in away SWIPE
Valhalla VIP ODIN
Video game designer's mappings TEXTURES
Violinist's block ROSIN
Watch like ___ AHAWK
Windows key neighbor ALT
With a rhythmic groove FUNKY
Writers Brookner and Desai ANITAS
WWII hero of DC Comics SGTROCK
Yiddish laments OYS
Younger brother of George W JEB
___ Canals (Great Lakes connection) SOO
___-cake (tot's game) PATA