Wall Street Journal - Sep 12 2016 - What's the Connection?

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Clues Answers
'Everywhere you want to be' card VISA
'___ of Two Cities' ATALE
'___ You Babe' IGOT
*Homes for some squirrels OAKTREES
*Ones who work for peanuts? ELEPHANTS
*Their work is picking up TAXICABS
*They're really going places TRAVELERS
*Whistle-blower at the beach LIFEGUARD
Affleck of 'Argo' BEN
Area of downtown Manhattan SOHO
Begun liking TAKENTO
Bottom line figure TOTAL
Bubbling hot ATABOIL
Bud bearer VASE
Burr and Copland AARONS
Cacophony DIN
Capital of Italia ROMA
Challenging puzzle POSER
Chemically inactive INERT
Collects GARNERS
Compete VIE
Coral formation REEF
Cotton-pickin' DADGUM
Ductwork opening VENT
End for east, west, north or south ERN
Evergreen of the Southwest PINON
Exxon's sister brand MOBIL
FDR's Scottie FALA
Firm hold GRIP
Gambling center near Lake Tahoe RENO
Guessing pastime played 'with my little eye' ISPY
Have a bite EAT
Humiliation SHAME
Impulse-transmitting cell NEURON
In the past AGO
Indian lute SITAR
Clues Answers
Lair for a bear DEN
Like some cuisines ETHNIC
Longtime Chinese chairman MAO
Makes known LETSON
Meal for Oliver Twist GRUEL
Microscope part LENS
Molecule part ATOM
Not flabby TONED
Ones who were elected INS
Outing for the Bucks or the Bulls NBAGAME
Outstanding athlete ALLSTAR
Plopped oneself down SAT
Price holders TAGS
Psychiatrist, in slang SHRINK
Recipe instruction STIR
Reply from the congregation AMEN
Ride-requesting company UBER
Rubbed the wrong way BUGGED
Sch. fundraiser, often PTA
Send over the edge ENRAGE
Sewing machine activator TREADLE
Sheer, informally SEETHRU
Sound from a sty OINK
Spot of land in la mer ILE
Sum of eins and zwei DREI
The common connection shared by the answers to the asterisked clues TRUNKS
Tofu base SOY
Unit of atmospheric pressure KILOBAR
Vain activity EGOTRIP
Valuable vein LODE
Watchdog warning GRR
Watering can parts SPOUTS
Web designer's language: Abbr CSS
Where Simone Biles won gold RIO
Wilma Flintstone's husband FRED
Wyoming mountain range TETONS
Yoked team OXEN
___-pitch (softball variety) SLO