Universal - Sep 7 2016

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Clues Answers
"Awright!" YEAH
"Farm" or "home" attachment STEAD
"Overhead" engine part CAM
"The Dukes of Hazzard" spin-off ENOS
"To thine own ___ be true" SELF
"Tomorrow" musical ANNIE
"___ we having fun yet?" ARE
.0000001 joule ERG
A dam is one, essentially OBSTRUCTION
Acquire in the field REAP
Addressed a waiter ORDERED
Affirmative action? NOD
Agenda unit ITEM
Aggravation at a lack of progress FRUSTRATION
Airplane passenger's concern ETA
Alpha's opposite OMEGA
Artistic stand EASEL
Au ___ PAIR
Autocrats no more TSARS
Bacon bit STRIP
Be a good doctor CURE
Begets SIRES
Belle of the ball, briefly DEB
Big bang creator GUN
Big mess SNAFU
Bird that repeats (var.) MYNA
By way of, briefly THRU
Camelot weapon LANCE
Chart anew REMAP
Church part ALTAR
Common test answer TRUE
Competitive advantage EDGE
Constructed BUILT
Coup participant DEPOSER
Cowboy's pride BOOT
Down's partner DIRTY
Eyeglasses, informally SPECS
First thing read, typically TITLE
Former electronics giant RCA
Clues Answers
Gulf War missile SCUD
H.S. math subject TRIG
Impressive degree MBA
It can help with a housewarming FAN
It may be right above a knee HEM
Jack's nemesis GIANT
Jacob's twin ESAU
Jewish sect member of old PHARISEE
John Deere product TRACTOR
Jungle vine LIANA
Kingly sphere ORB
Knocks on a door RAPS
La ___ (Milan opera house) SCALA
Lease RENT
Leave high and dry ABANDON
Legendary gymnast Korbut OLGA
Like proper venetian blinds SLATTED
One of these days INTIME
One way to move quickly RUN
Part of a TV feed AUDIO
Pronged weapons TRIDENTS
Quick haircut SNIP
Small scrap SNIPPET
Some members of Indian royalty RANIS
Stand on its head UPEND
States with conviction AVERS
Tennis match segment SET
The time being NONCE
Things that get in the way HINDRANCES
Tide type NEAP
Turkish generals AGHAS
Type of base NAVAL
Type of modern testing DNA
Type of skirt that flares outward ALINE
Used a thurible CENSED
Went out, as a fire DIED
Word from a finger-pointing chooser YOU
___ fide BONA