L.A. Times Daily - Sep 4 2016

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Clues Answers
"Anne of Green Gables" town AVONLEA
"I must not think there are / Evils __ to darken all his goodness": Shak ENOW
"My bad!" OOPS
"Never __ moment!" ADULL
"O Come, O Come Emmanuel" verb REJOICE
"Odyssey" threats SIRENS
"Parlez-__ français?" VOUS
"Sesame Street" network PBS
"You __ worry" NEEDNT
1970 self-titled pop album OSMONDS
2001 Audrey Tautou title role AMELIE
Anchor in a race GOLAST
Archaeologist's project DIG
Atlanta-to-Miami dir SSE
Atmosphere component LAYER
Barnum "attraction" EGRESS
Became GREW
Becomes GETS
Beneficial OFUSE
Birdhouse creation NEST
Bit of physics ATOM
Bit of trickery RUSE
Body art, slangily INK
Bookstore section HOWTO
Bring in REAP
Bunch SLEW
By way of VIA
Came after ENSUED
Celebrate, as the new year RINGIN
Check words PAYTO
Clam-digging area TIDALPOOL
Colorful pond fish KOI
Common mass transit requirement EXACTFARE
Composer Grieg EDVARD
Corn units EARS
Create a new look for REDESIGN
Dallas Cowboys logo STAR
Darken, say DYE
Does the job perfectly ACESIT
Dopey comrade DOC
Early 20th-century car REO
English : John :: Slavic : __ IVAN
Entom. and geol SCIS
Eponymous chair maker EAMES
Été month AOUT
Fed. power agcy TVA
Fennel-like herb ANISE
First name in desserts SARA
Fitting job for Art? MUSEUMGUIDE
Fitting job for Bette? CASINODEALER
Fitting job for Miles? TRUCKDRIVER
Fitting job for Roger? RADIOOPERATOR
Fitting job for Stu? HASHHOUSECOOK
Fitting job for Sue? TRIALATTORNEY
Fitting job for Will? PROBATEJUDGE
Flanged fastener TNUT
Former filly MARE
French vineyards CRUS
George's lyricist IRA
Georgia, for one FONT
Get rid of ABOLISH
Gothic cathedral feature ARCH
Greyhound, e.g DOG
Gusted BLEW
Hard work LABORS
Hardly eager anticipation DREAD
Hasselblad product SLR
Having lunch EATING
Hayride perch BALE
Hockey rink area CREASE
Icky stuff GOO
Ill-tempered ORNERY
Clues Answers
Inveterate critic SNIPER
Is more efficient SAVESTIME
It's paid at pumps GASTAX
Keebler spokesman ELF
Lightly wash RINSEOFF
Like most people ASIAN
Long accounts SAGAS
Make the grade RATE
Makes a choice OPTS
Miscalculate ERR
Mouselike critter VOLE
National park near Bar Harbor ACADIA
Needing no Rx OTC
Negligent CARELESS
Nike and Demeter GODDESSES
Not for the masses ESOTERIC
Notable periods ERAS
Official order EDICT
Olin of "Chocolat" LENA
One with a flat to fix, maybe LESSOR
Order (around) BOSS
Paso __: two-step dance DOBLE
Peter on piano NERO
Phishing targets: Abbr SSNS
Pipe piece ELL
Pitch too eagerly OVERSELL
Places for prices STICKERS
Places for reps GYMS
Plains people OMAHAS
Produced STAGED
Promising ROSY
Puerto Rico hrs AST
Rapper Mos __ DEF
Ravel classic BOLERO
Reuben basic RYE
Scandinavian natives SAMI
Scottish isle SKYE
Scruffy couple? EFS
Seemingly forever EONS
Seesaw sitter of song ESAU
She kept Martina from winning a seventh straight Wimbledon in 1988 STEFFI
Sign of life PULSE
Slightly ATAD
Some urban commuter lines ELS
Spotted SEEN
Stinging remarks OWS
Strange craft UFOS
Supplement, with "to" ADD
Swiss landscape feature ALP
Tarzan's foster family APES
Texter's "Mercy me!" OMG
The Isley Brothers' "It's __ Thing" YOUR
Thickness units MILS
Ticker tapes, for short? ECGS
Time lines, perhaps XAXES
Tournament pass BYE
TV component? VISION
TV pundit who wrote "Years of Minutes" ROONEY
TV screen type LCD
University lecturer DOCENT
Value of a Benjamin ONEC
Veteran telejournalist Sawyer DIANE
Vietnamese holiday TET
Warble TRILL
White-coated critter ERMINE
Whitman's dooryard bloomers LILACS
Williams title role GARP
Workbench grippers VISES
Would rather PREFERSTO
Wrath IRE
__ Park, Colorado ESTES