- Sep 4 2016

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Clues Answers
''Casablanca'' man SAM
''Casablanca'' woman ILSA
17th state OHIO
89 Down's tribute ODE
Alcott sequel LITTLEMEN
All the rage HOT
Animal parks ZOOS
Arm, in Arles BRAS
Baloney BUNK
Bartender's mixer SODA
Basic arithmetic SUMS
Beach buckets PAILS
Become slush MELT
Best Picture Oscar nominee for 2014 SELMA
Blog entry POST
Bok __ (Chinese cabbage) CHOY
Borrowings LOANS
Butcher's special orders CUSTOMCUTS
Certain Ivy Leaguer ELI
Certain seaboard setting EASTCOAST
City on the Arkansas TULSA
Clams or dough MOOLAH
Close associates PALS
Club member's cost DUES
Commuter communities EXURBS
Cook-off creation CHILI
Couplet creator POET
Course of study CURRICULUM
Creative expression STYLE
Deceive CON
Destroy WRECK
Developer's measure ACRE
Diminutive dogs PEKES
Dot on a globe ISLE
Double-dealing HOCUSPOCUS
Earl's equivalent COUNT
Electronics giant SONY
Ending for percent ILE
Exams for future MDs MCATS
Fancy feathers PLUMES
Fillmore's party WHIG
Former Mississippi senator LOTT
French painter of dancers MATISSE
French painter of dancers DEGAS
Fully ALL
Garden mixes SOILS
Genetic double CLONE
Gregor Mendel's day job MONK
Gym array BARBELLS
Handles roughly MAULS
Hard smacks SWATS
He was a ''House'' doctor OMAREPPS
How much 90 Down is sold INCANS
How soy sauce tastes SALTY
Iconic star from Stockholm GARBO
It flows from the Alps RHINE
It might say ''Kiss the chef'' APRON
Japanese national sport SUMO
Juan's water AGUA
Karaoke number SONG
Kept entertained AMUSED
Lasting mark SCAR
Legal profession THEBAR
Little Havana fare CUBANCUISINE
Look after TEND
Lowest-acceptable MINIMUM
Messy ones SLOBS
Mexican beer brand TECATE
Military station BASE
Clues Answers
Minor wrangle SPAT
Morsels BITS
Muse of history CLIO
Nonsensical ABSURD
Noriega of Panama MANUEL
Not very good SOSO
Once more AGAIN
Organize, as an attack MOUNT
Plays on words PUNS
Poker buy-in ANTE
Police protection VESTS
Pompeii, today RUINS
Pop singer Demi LOVATO
Pope when the Bastille was stormed PIUSVI
Port Sudan's water REDSEA
Possible legal-brief source AMICUSCURIAE
Potential for loss RISK
Pre-campaign promos TEASERADS
Price-to-earnings, e.g RATIO
Public persona FACE
Purple hue LILAC
Put into practice USE
Puzo novel OMERTA
Recite rapidly, with ''off'' REEL
Renée's refusal NON
Replenish one's stock BACKORDER
Rights org ACLU
Rival of 17 Down TULANE
Rounds of wrestling FALLS
Saab rival VOLVO
Sam-I-Am's creator SEUSS
Sandwich staple TUNA
Saudi Arabia neighbor OMAN
Scent ODOR
SEC school LSU
Second-largest Scandinavian city OSLO
Sector ZONE
Sell at any price DUMP
Shaved-ice treats SNOCONES
Showbiz stinkers TURKEYS
Shutting up STILLING
Skyline haze SMOG
Small jazz group TRIO
Smooth, as a plank SAND
Speaking platform DAIS
Sportscast feature SLOMO
Stallone character RAMBO
Stallone character ROCKY
State strongly ASSERT
Step down QUIT
Supreme Court attire ROBES
Swindler CROOK
Symbol of purity HALO
Thoroughly QUITE
Throw a tantrum ERUPT
To-the-letter EXACT
Trenches in 42 Down MOATS
Troop group CORPS
Uber alternative CAB
Ultimate cause ROOT
Unpartnered LONE
Upward movements ASCENTS
USN rank ENS
Very little TEENY
Very nicely TOATEE
Vivid type of crayon NEON
What ''endless'' ends with ESSES
What flan is served in CUSTARDCUP
What roving pitmasters travel BARBECUECIRCUIT
Winter Olympics venue RINK
Young miss LASS