Jonesin' - Jul 22 2008

Clues Answers
"Damaged" girl group Danity ___ KANE
"Gone Country" network CMT
"Hey, toss over that pamphlet on breaking up monopolies"? ANTITRUSTME
"Keep on whispering in ___" (line from "What I Like About You") MYEAR
"Raggedy" doll ANN
"SNL" cast member Will FORTE
"Unsafe at ___ Speed" (Ralph Nader book) ANY
8-bit units BYTES
Add, like sound effects at an editing board CUEIN
Adirondacks components: abbr. MTS
Affectionate sign, so it's said LEO
African antelope ELAND
Ample-sized property for a home ACRE
Berry of "Things We Lost in the Fire" HALLE
Big find at an archaeological dig RELIC
Birthday balloon material MYLAR
Bottle resident GENIE
Bread for a pastrami sandwich RYE
Bullring cheer OLE
Button on a DVD player: abbr. REW
Celebratory shout LETSPARTY
Cell phone display items BARS
Cold temperature range TEENS
Crunch targets ABS
Curvy letters ESSES
Director Cameron CROWE
Earth Day prefix ECO
Earthling HUMAN
Easy addition to a potluck party DIP
Edgar Bergen dummy Mortimer ___ SNERD
Expressed viewpoint VOICE
Four-door alternative COUPE
GM emergency service ONSTAR
Hardly a packed house NOONE
Honorary title given to Bill Gates SIR
It can be ordered soft or crunchy TACO
James T. Kirk, by state of birth IOWAN
Japanese horror film series about a cursed videotape that inspired a similarly-titled American remake RINGU
Johnson of "Plan 9 From Outer Space" TOR
Clues Answers
Just a little cupful, in Britain SPOTOFTEA
Kicks FUN
Lawyer/author Scott TUROW
Like some chard or steak SWISS
Makes a scarf KNITS
Male guinea pig BOAR
Manhattan, for one: Abbr. ISL
Merino noise BAA
Nintendo DS competitor, for short PSP
One may carry the best of the wurst DELI
People who cross out a substance that causes an immune response? ANTIGENXERS
Planet where Orson was often heard ORK
Prefix for lateral TRI
Rapscallion SCAMP
Return from the grave? EXHUME
Ring around the holy? HALO
Rowing machine units ERGS
Schedule an engagement BOOK
See 46-Across ACTOR
Series of shots SALVO
Series set in Las Vegas CSI
Seven, on some watches VII
Sounds of "I get it" OHS
Stitching closed SEWINGUP
Street where tires never slip? ANTISKIDROW
Therefore ERGO
Tic-tac-toe line OXO
Toronto NHL team, to fans THELEAFS
Vote off, a la "Big Brother" EVICT
What opposites are written down on? ANTITHESISPAPER
When brats want something NOW
When repeated, a song-like taunt NYAH
Where to store a type of brakes? ANTILOCKBOX
With 48-down, Oscar category BEST
Women in a tree? AUNTS
Word part: Abbr. SYL
Words of agreement SODOI
Yoko who funded the Central Park Strawberry Fields memorial ONO
___-pitch softball SLO