Irish Times (Simplex) - Sep 3 2016

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Clues Answers
Apart from that OTHERWISE
Bags for school books SATCHELS
Bolivian capital LAPAZ
Bring up the salary increase RAISE
Command, bidding BEHEST
Common or normal USUAL
Comprises CONSISTS
Confused situation or affair, a mess SHEMOZZLE
Dry Ned, the strange English poet DRYDEN
Every seven days WEEKLY
Exclamation of frustration or rage AARGH
Expected, scheduled DUE
Firework, burns with a fizzing noise SQUIB
Flexible tube for conveying water HOSEPIPE
Happy and optimistic CHEERFUL
Large menagerie ZOO
Last letter of the Greek alphabet OMEGA
Magician, sorcerer WIZARD
Clues Answers
Massive thick-skinned animal of African rivers HIPPO
Owing money INDEBT
Parka, windcheater ANORAK
Passage made by a drill, for exploratory purposes BOREHOLE
Protected from attack DEFENDED
Regular and continuous STEADY
Seed with hard shell NUT
Series of things in order SEQUENCE
Slaps the fishing vessels? SMACKS
Story from long ago LEGEND
Strip of bacon RASHER
Tabloid newspaper, colloquially REDTOP
Teardrop-shaped accompaniment to an Indian dish NAANBREAD
The likely cost of a job ESTIMATE
The more of it, the less speed, it is said HASTE
Tiny copy or very small version MINIATURE
Vocalist SINGER
Young newt EFT