Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Sep 4 2016

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Clues Answers
'-- Him on a Sunday' IMET
'-- shalt not ...' THOU
'50s prez DDE
'And you,' to Caesar ETTU
'Anti-art' art DADA
'For -- Know' (1971 hit song) ALLWE
'Funny one!' HAHA
'It -- fair!' ISNT
'Such a pity' SOSAD
'Thank you, Yves!' MERCI
-- Grey tea EARL
-- snail's pace ATA
13-Down of June PEARLS
1974 and '75 World Hockey Association winners AEROS
2002 scandal company ENRON
Actor Freeman MORGAN
Actor Sean PENN
Balladeer Janis IAN
Barrett of rock SYD
Be like a sot TOPE
Beauty spot? SPA
Beginning on ASOF
Behavioral quirks TICS
Big failures FLOPS
Bladderlike sac CYST
Bone of the shin TIBIA
British noble, in brief ARISTO
Camelot wife ENID
Ceaselessly ONEND
Choir woman ALTO
City in Japan OSAKA
Clean air org EPA
Corrida cry OLE
Cost to get out of jail BAIL
Curly's friend MOE
Destiny KISMET
Didn't dine out ATEIN
Diesel of film VIN
Dish of finely diced vegetables ISRAELISALAD
Eat soup undaintily SLURP
End of the riddle's answer ROOKIEGRUMBLES
Entertaining little tale ANECDOTE
Exit doors, e.g EGRESSES
Feeling like suede, say LEATHERY
Fill in (for) SUB
Fitzgerald of jazz fame ELLA
Flight takeoff abbr ETD
Garlic mayonnaise AIOLI
Give some of yours to SHAREWITH
Grad-school proposal THESIS
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Holy Mlle STE
Horse cousin ASS
In a tomb INTERRED
Innuendo queen West MAE
Irish poet YEATS
It's currently newsworthy THELATEST
Jeans fabric DENIM
Kylo -- ('Star Wars: The Force Awakens' character) REN
Las --, New Mexico CRUCES
Layer TIER
Lean (on) RELY
Like Obama: Abbr DEM
Manning of the gridiron ELI
Marshal Earp WYATT
Melville novel TYPEE
Mixed bag OLIO
Mob boss Frank NITTI
Clues Answers
Mongolian desert GOBI
Moose's cousin ELK
Most acute KEENEST
Mountain in Thessaly OSSA
Muse with a lyre ERATO
Need to MUST
Neighbor of Java SUMATRA
Neopagan religion WICCA
New York governor Cuomo ANDREW
Not certain UNSURE
Not only that ALSO
Nothing but MERE
Oahu shindig LUAU
Observant ALERT
Observer LOOKER
Old TWA rival PANAM
Olympic figure skater Katarina WITT
One more of the same ANOTHER
Open field LEA
Optimally ATBEST
Painter Nolde EMIL
Parked oneself TOOKASEAT
Pen name of H.H. Munro SAKI
Perry of pop KATY
Polish port on the Baltic GDANSK
Pot bits SHARDS
Power bike MOPED
Precious stones GEMS
Pro at W-2s CPA
Pull along LUG
Pull hard TUG
Pulls hard YANKS
Qom resident IRANI
Quite a while AGES
Relative of 'psst' AHEM
Remove any potential evidence LEAVENOTRACE
Rent splitter, often ROOMIE
Revlon brand ALMAY
Round solids SPHERES
Rower's tool OAR
See 124-Down STAR
Set of beliefs DOGMA
Sgt. Friday's force LAPD
Short swims DIPS
Shred RIP
Singer Siepi CESARE
Sitcom alien ALF
Skin-coloring dye HENNA
Spicy stew RAGOUT
Stage scenery item SETPIECE
Stair user's aid RAIL
Start of a riddle AFTERIIMITATED
Start of the riddle's answer THATSTHEWAYTHE
Stephen of 'Still Crazy' REA
Tex-Mex staple TACO
Texter's 'Yikes!' OMG
The NCAA's Bruins UCLA
Top-drawer ELITE
Unrivaled PEERLESS
Up 'til ERE
Up -- (stumped) ATREE
Went by ship SAILED
Where Muscat is OMAN
Wise, skillful lawgiver SOLON
With 37-Down, very poor rating ONE
Young lady GIRL