USA Today - Aug 26 2016

Clues Answers
"Ars ___, vita brevis" LONGA
"Hurry!" on a memo ASAP
"Serpico" director Sidney LUMET
"Sweet Love" singer Baker ANITA
"That's the truth!" AMEN
Alphabetic symbol of old RUNE
Archipelago unit ISLE
Attraction being phased out by SeaWorld ORCA
Basis for a lawsuit TORT
Bay Area county MARIN
BBQ side dish SLAW
Boring way to learn ROTE
Calculus pioneer Leonhard EULER
Came down with GOT
Charlie of TV ads, e.g TUNA
Choir attire ROBES
Chucklehead ASS
Circular gasket ORING
Course halves NINES
Division word INTO
Dr. ___ (Austin Powers foe) EVIL
Drop in on SEE
Emphasized type (Abbr.) ITAL
English class, for short LIT
Evening, in ads NITE
Extreme defensiveness BUNKERMENTALITY
Fairy tale opener ONCE
Fashionista's concern STYLE
First king of Israel SAUL
Flirty lass MINX
God on an eight-legged horse ODIN
Hamelin pest RAT
Have a funny feeling SENSE
Impala cousin ELAND
In abundance GALORE
Ironman watch maker TIMEX
Is in the lineup STARTS
Is shy, in a way OWES
Clues Answers
It's in brown, but not white, rice BRAN
Knicks great Patrick EWING
Like lion cubs at play ROUGHANDTUMBLE
Like new, in ads MINT
Livestock raiser, out west RANCHERO
Ltr. insertion ENC
Mag. staffers EDS
Mental flash IDEA
Opera house accommodation BOX
Patronize U-Haul RENT
Pedometer measurement STEPS
Playing hard-to-get COY
Press coverage, slangily INK
Project, as charm EXUDE
Put up a struggle RESIST
Raga instrument SITAR
Rapper ___ Wayne LIL
Repair bill component TAX
Retort to "Am not!" ARESO
Rose who surpassed Cobb PETE
Runs in neutral IDLES
Samuel of the Supreme Court ALITO
Send forth EMIT
Sharp insight ACUMEN
Singles bar delivery LINE
Skip over OMIT
Speed-of-sound name MACH
State with surety AVOW
Summer Games org IOC
Tailor's measurement WAIST
This is one CLUE
Tightfisted sort MISER
Timbuktu's land MALI
Weightlifter's unit CURL
What a steamroller steamrolls TAR
Wine bottle datum YEAR
Wraps up ENDS
Yoked team OXEN