- Aug 25 2016

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Clues Answers
''Easy peasy!'' NOPROB
''Leave that to me'' ICAN
''Toodles!'' BYEBYE
''Victory!'' IWIN
'70s tape player VCR
. . . at Rio, recently OLYMPICPODIUM
. . . at the gym TREADMILL
. . . at the mall ESCALATOR
. . . for your weight BATHROOMSCALE
57 Down offense AWOL
A whole bunch SCADS
Activate, as an alarm TRIP
Alias introducer AKA
Ancient Aegean region IONIA
Approach sloooowly CREEPUP
Argentine cheer OLE
Awkward feeling UNEASE
Best at his NFL position ALLPRO
Bestowal for sitcoms EMMY
Cascades peak SHASTA
City founded by Pizarro LIMA
Cleric, for short REV
Converter designation ACDC
Damaged, in a way TORE
Dartboard wood ELM
Decimal system BASETEN
Disguise CLOAK
Dude BRO
Dungeons & Dragons monster ORC
Earth-shaking cause, perhaps TNT
Eco-car brand TESLA
Florist's cutting STEM
Food coloring DYE
Global: Abbr INTL
Gritty stuff SAND
Gullible type YOKEL
Had in mind MEANT
Halftime encouragement PEPTALKS
Homework assignment starter READ
Clues Answers
Impression of imperfection DENT
In all honesty TRULY
Is staggered REELS
Lack of rhythm? VOWEL
Leave in a hurry LAM
Lithium-__ battery ION
Loud ringing PEAL
Low grade DEE
Metaphorical bursting place SEAM
Moscow money RUBLE
New England seafood SCROD
News sources of yore CRIERS
Numbered composition OPUS
One logged on USER
Otherworldly ALIEN
Outer edge RIM
Pressed sandwich PANINI
Quick bite NOSH
Rhythmic writing VERSE
Rich soil LOAM
Salad with bacon and egg COBB
Scrutinize, with ''over'' PORE
Seb who ran the 2012 London Games COE
Service branch ARMY
Small chicken BANTAM
Sound of sudden impact BAM
Stalin's foreign minister MOLOTOV
Streaming in the living room ONTV
Street standing, for short REP
Toss in ADD
Trouble WOE
TV debut of 1980 CNN
Type of 35mm camera SLR
Warrior or Wizard NBAER
Wee worker ANT
Whale-watching venue OPENSEA
Where mud baths are taken STY