Wall Street Journal - Sep 1 2016 - Back to School

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Clues Answers
'Son of ___!' AGUN
'That's so cute!' AWW
'___ unrelated matter...' ONAN
1991 World Series champs TWINS
2015 film that got a Best Picture nomination ROOM
Admitted into one's social network FRIENDED
Aqua ___ (aftershave brand) VELVA
Art director's creation PAGELAYOUT
As compensation INEXCHANGE
Being, to Sartre ETRE
British historian A.L ROWSE
Cassette part SPOOL
Court period HALF
Croatia joined it in 2009 NATO
Cuisine with fish sauce THAI
Cut short CROP
Derisive cries HOOTS
Down-and-outer HOBO
Earth's crust, e.g TOPLAYER
For fear that LEST
Gear for settings, e.g ICON
Grant Wood, for one IOWAN
Guitarist Lofgren NILS
He guested on Katy's #1 hit 'E.T.' KANYE
High winds? OBOES
High-end car engine HEMI
Honest course UPANDUP
Horn sound BLAT
Hungarian town known for its red wine EGER
Inventive sort LIAR
Italy's features Leonardo's Vitruvian Man EURO
Jambalaya seasoning CAYENNEPEPPER
Koi container POND
Literature Nobelist Canetti ELIAS
Mariinsky Ballet's former name KIROV
Clues Answers
Marshal Dillon's portrayer ARNESS
Massage targets ACHES
Mill input LOGS
Monitored areas: Abbr ICUS
More than passed ACED
Mug, e.g OVERACT
Preceded LEDUPTO
Pretentiously stylish CHICHI
Pronunc. part SYL
Recipient of a promotion PAWN
Resistance-measuring device BRIDGECIRCUIT
Revealing cry VOILA
Rugged rocks CRAGS
Saxophonist Beneke TEX
Say ___ (refuse) NOTO
Scala of 'The Price of Fear' GIA
School back in 16-Across UCLA
School back in 24-Across RICE
School back in 42-Across PENN
School back in 54-Across YALE
Scoped out EYED
Script makeup LINES
Semicircle, say ARC
Senate vote NAY
Sequoia feature CONE
Signal to start playing MUSICALCUE
Some summer workers INTERNS
Stately dances of the Renaissance PAVANES
Taken in TRICKED
Target, e.g CHAIN
Tintinnabulation, essentially PEALS
Tom Swift's Star Spear, e.g ROCKETSHIP
Vestige SHRED
Whole note's lack STEM
Wing ELL
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese orders ALES