Wall Street Journal - Aug 30 2016 - Out of Order

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Clues Answers
'Cool!' NEATO
'Ditto' METOO
'You wish!' ASIF
*Like a kid with a dreidel? OVERTHETOP
*Like eggs on the ground instead of in the nest? LAIDLOW
*Roof for bugs and slugs, perhaps? ROCKBOTTOM
*What David had to do against Goliath? AIMHIGH
*What two ends of a belt do? MEETINTHEMIDDLE
2002 film with a sequel subtitled 'The Meltdown' ICEAGE
Acid neutralizer ALKALI
As soon as ONCE
Big bomb FLOP
Body spray brand marketed to young men AXE
Bring to life ANIMATE
Change jar clinker CENT
Chronic critic NAG
Clinical test TRIAL
Convent resident NUN
Convergence points FOCI
Day-___ GLO
Death, in Deutschland TOD
Delicate fabric LACE
Digital camera setting AUTO
Driver who plays 44-Across ADAM
Dryer detritus LINT
Emphatic type: Abbr ITAL
Fill a clown car, say PILEIN
Football's Tarkenton FRAN
Go nuts, and, with 1-Across, what the order of the starred answers has done FLIP
Greek salad ingredient FETA
Grind together, as teeth GNASH
Hammerin' Hank AARON
Helgenberger of 'CSI' MARG
Informal denial NAH
Israel's only female prime minister MEIR
It can sense scents NOSE
Kylo ___ ('Star Wars: The Force Awakens' villain) REN
Last qualifier NOTLEAST
Letters on a candy heart ILUVU
Clues Answers
Many a time OFT
Mischievous sorts IMPS
North Carolinian TARHEEL
Nucleus circler ELECTRON
Nursery cry MAMA
Offend olfactorily REEK
Prefix with syllabic to describe 'syllabic' TRI
Pronounce judgment RULE
Ready to fly FLEDGED
Replayed tennis shot LET
Running track OVAL
Sci-fi visitor ALIEN
Sewer line? HEM
Sis sib BRO
Skating feat AXEL
Sniggler's wrigglers EELS
Squalid shack HOVEL
Subject of some rallies PEP
Tagging along INTOW
Taj ___ MAHAL
Texter's 'Holy moly!' OMG
Theater composer Menken ALAN
Thread holder SPOOL
Thyroid, e.g GLAND
Tourist destination of Lombardy MILAN
Tourist destination of Tuscany PISA
Unappealing food GLOP
Verizon purchase of 2015 AOL
Vitamin in lean meat NIACIN
Watchmaker's aid LOUPE
Weaver's device LOOM
West End washroom LOO
Western omelet ingredient HAM
What 1 is the reciprocal of ITSELF
Wound up costing RANTO
WPA establisher FDR
Wrapped up DONE
___ duck (crispy dish) PEKING