The Washington Post - Aug 22 2016

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Clues Answers
'Because of their ___, parents may be difficult to discipline properly' (P.J. O'Rourke) SIZE
'Don't that beat all!' WHOWOULDVETHUNK
'Heat' director Michael MANN
'Jurassic Park' menace TREX
'La Bohème' soprano MIMI
'Natural History' author PLINY
'WWE Raw' network USA
Actor Stephen REA
Affirmative votes AYES
Ages and ages EONS
Airline to Holland KLM
Alma mater of five presidents YALE
Amorous murmur COO
Arabian Peninsula country OMAN
Astronaut Shepard ALAN
Blast from the past ATEST
By way of VIA
Chilling out IDLE
College in New Rochelle, New York IONA
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Conclusive evidence PROOF
Craving YEN
Creature named for its flat feet PLATYPUS
Designer Vera WANG
Dog topping KRAUT
Eat by candlelight DINE
Eddie Bauer rival JCREW
Eggs on PRODS
Finesse stroke in tennis DROPSHOT
Fit to be tried SANE
Fitting APT
Game with 32 cards SKAT
Genesis victim ABEL
Ger. neighbor AUS
Get going START
God with a weekday named after him THOR
Greta who said, 'I vant to be alone' GARBO
Gretchen of 'Boardwalk Empire' MOL
Clues Answers
Helter-skelter AMOK
Humdrum DRAB
Inspirational tale FEELGOODSTORY
Jai ___ ALAI
LAX search party? TSA
Like a milquetoast WIMPY
Like driven snow PURE
Loretta of 'M*A*S*H' SWIT
Lots of ozs PTS
Maneuver through moguls SKI
Mentally sharp AGILE
Moxie GRIT
Not as hard EASIER
Overthrow of first base, for example ERROR
Pack on pounds GAIN
Pastrami sandwich choice RYE
Penthouse suite feature VIEW
Picnic pests ANTS
Pop artist Warhol ANDY
Popeye's archenemy BLUTO
Poppycock DRIVEL
Q-tip target EARWAX
Quarter back? EAGLE
Raring to go READY
Saltshaker cousin PEPPERGRINDER
Silver-tongued GLIB
Six-pack muscles ABS
Somewhat, in a way SORTA
Speak like Don Corleone RASP
The Crimson Tide, for short BAMA
They're rolled in roleo LOGS
Top-of-the-line AONE
Treatment centers SPAS
Troubadour's delivery BALLAD
Twirls around SPINS
Uses a Nautilus, maybe JOGS
Wood shop tool ADZE