New York Times - Aug 21 2016

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Clues Answers
'Capeesh?' SEE
'Help!' SAVEME
'It's a pity other cars aren't built this way' cars SAABS
'It's the ___' ('I've changed') NEWME
'Keep fighting the good fight!' BESTRONG
'Man, that feels good!' AAH
'Mind ... blown!' HOLYCOW
'So You Think You Can Dance' judge ABDUL
'Stop!,' at a port AVAST
'The Simpsons' character in a green jacket APU
'Three Coins in the Fountain' fountain TREVI
A.M.A. members DRS
Actor Penn KAL
Actor Wheaton WIL
Alternative regimen to an 84-Down, informally PALEO
Annoy IRK
Annual athletic honors ESPYS
Annual N.Y.C. fund-raising event METGALA
Approver of new meds FDA
At this point BYNOW
Beethoven's 'Sinfonia ___' EROICA
Bethesda-based research agcy NIH
Blessed thing? SNEEZE
Bob alternative ... or partner WEAVE
Born NEE
Break up with someone ENDIT
Busy time for malls: Abbr DEC
Clancy's Red October, e.g SUB
Concerted efforts ENDEAVORS
Cookie with a Thins variety OREO
Cousin of goth EMO
Cracker shape ANIMAL
Dazzled INAWE
Defeat in a Nathan's Famous contest OUTEAT
Disco relative TECHNO
Disney dwarf DOC
Dog created by Jim Davis ODIE
Drive-thru decision ORDER
Drivel PAP
Dunham of 'Girls' LENA
Egg: Prefix OVO
Election night graphic, for short USMAP
Enigmatic one in 'The Hobbit' RUNE
Erupter at 32-Across LUFHTIAFDLO
Exit key ESC
Feature of the Six Million Dollar Man BIONICEYE
Federal agency established on August 25, 1916 NATIONALPARKSERVICE
Feeling of hunger PANG
Fischer, to Spassky, e.g RIVAL
Flat-bottomed boat SKIFF
Follower of Joel AMOS
For whom the Edgar awards are named POE
France's so-called 'Capital of the Ruins' STLO
Fury IRE
Goes down SETS
Good fact-checking types PEDANTS
Gran Paradiso, e.g ALP
Had too much of, briefly ODEDON
Halley of Halley's comet EDMOND
Harris's role in 'The Right Stuff' GLENN
Harry's Hogwarts enemy DRACO
Henry W. ___, Union major general during the Civil War SLOCUM
High-powered guns UZIS
Highly rated bond AAA
Highly rated Bond? MOORE
Home to more than half the world's active geysers YELLOWSTONE
House majority leader before DeLay ARMEY
I C U, e.g REBUS
Indoor plants popular in waiting rooms LADYPALMS
Clues Answers
Insult, say DEMEAN
Islamic law SHARIA
It's as good as XXX OOO
Jumps higher than, in sports slang SKIES
Kind of pass VIP
Kind of treatment SPA
Life force in Chinese philosophy CHI
Light and breezy entertainment, informally MINDCANDY
Like Serbs, but not Hungarians SLAVIC
Like Sherpas NEPALESE
Like some oaths SOLEMN
Like the name Nguyen in Vietnam COMMON
Luncheonette order, for short BLT
Mayo container? ANO
Milk dispensers? TEATS
Mortgage, often HOMELOAN
Nascar unit LAP
Neighbor of Ger AUS
Nina Totenberg's milieu NPRNEWS
Ninny TWIT
Not quite right IMPRECISE
Nothing but ALL
Organized hikes EXPEDITIONS
Oscar winner for 'Dallas Buyers Club' LETO
Painkiller containing caffeine ANACIN
Part of Y.S.L YVES
Partner of sound SAFE
Parts of a Jerusalem skyline DOMES
Passionate kiss LIPLOCK
PolitiFact finding LIE
Portions METES
Purchase at an optometrist's FRAMES
Radio host Shapiro ARI
Raiders' org ATF
Rap's ___ Boys BEASTIE
Regimen adopted by Bill Clinton in 2010 VEGANDIET
Region of ancient Greece IONIA
Result of many years of study, for short PHD
Ring around a classical column ANNULET
Row maker HOE
Samovar, e.g URN
Six, in Italy SEI
Snack brand whose name hints at its flavor NILLA
Spots for auto logos GRILLES
Sprint RACE
Store head: Abbr MGR
Subatomic particle named for the weak force WBOSON
Subject of many Ansel Adams photos YOSEMITE
Surrender CEDE
Tavern attachment INN
Telenovela, e.g DRAMA
Term of address for a noble MILORD
The Henry who founded the House of Tudor VII
Thom ___ shoes MCAN
Untethered LOOSE
Verdi aria ERITU
Very, very EVERSO
Virgin Mary's mother ANNE
Wall St. '500' SANDP
Webmaster's medium HTML
Whacks OFFS
What might replace you? ONE
Win by ___ ANOSE
Wire message TELEX
Word of support YEA
Zika monitoring org CDC
Zippo NADA