Wall Street Journal - Jul 18 2008 - July 18, 2008 - Boarding Requests

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Clues Answers
'...my tale is long ___': Chaucer ENOW
'Don't tell ___!' ASOUL
'I get it now' AHSO
'Oh, What a Circus' singer in 'Evita' CHE
'Yer dern ___!' TOOTIN
'You ___ mouthful!' SAIDA
'You've got a deal!' SOLD
Accept for payment HONOR
Act the rat SQUEAL
Amherst sch. UMASS
Appealing, maybe INCOURT
Applications USES
Area between the shoulders ROAD
Barrio boy NINO
Basic amino acid LYSINE
Basis of some discrimination AGE
Be a vegetarian? LEADACHARDLIFE
Bee flat? HIVE
Big name at Indy UNSER
Bighorn stalkers PUMAS
Brand-name desserts in a food fight? SARAMELEECAKES
Can feature POPTOP
Catherine's 'Chicago' co-star RENEE
Charter LET
Choice for Hamlet TOBE
Combined INONE
Comment about something that's ne'er been hip? TISSQUARE
Congressman's party? CAPITOLDO
Connecticut coeds ELIS
Contemptible sorts CURS
Cut recipient AGENT
Dash component OILGAUGE
Deep valleys GLENS
Deflation sound SSS
Denver summer hrs. MDT
Did some cobbling SOLED
Dijon's area COTEDOR
Dispirited LOW
Drove (around) TOOLED
Evidence from a hairsplitter? DNA
Fall apart GOTORUIN
Financial windfall MELON
First sign of the zodiac ARIES
Folies Bergère designer ERTE
French citrus blossom? FLEURDELIMES
Fuel mixture GASOHOL
Gambling haven RENO
Ghostly visitor to Ebenezer JACOB
God of creation BRAHMA
Guilt-ridden doo-wop group? SHAMENANA
Haunted house reaction SCREAM
Heat and cool, to strengthen ANNEAL
Highlands cap TAM
Hindu hermitage ASHRAM
Hold forth ORATE
Ibsen's '___ Gabler' HEDDA
Increase HIKE
J.E.B. Stuart's side CSA
Joined the mob RIOTED
Ketch's cousin YAWL
Lab gel AGAR
Lake of Geneva traverser RHONE
Left over TOSPARE
Like some divorces MESSY
Clues Answers
Lofty lines ODE
Long swimmers EELS
Look good on BECOME
Lotion letters SPF
Magna ___ CARTA
Marine eagles ERNES
Mayflower Compact signer ALDEN
Messages from our sponsors SPOTS
Mil. letter letters APO
Milne-Shakespeare collaboration? ROOANDJULIET
Modeling agency head Ford EILEEN
Moonves of CBS LES
Morse click DIT
NASA's Eagle, for one LEM
NFL linemen RTS
Not required OPTIONAL
One who gives up CEDER
Over yonder AFAR
Painter Jasper JOHNS
Part of a speed limit PER
Place for some drawers ARTCLASS
Place's place SECOND
Plain grazer? HOMELYCOW
Pound pick MUTT
Pre-1917 rulers TSARS
Pro Bowl side NFC
Prot. or Cath. REL
Pub choices ALES
Rental choices SEDANS
Review applicants SCREEN
Ridicule JEERAT
Rube's refusal NAW
Saturn's largest moon TITAN
See 65-Across MEUP
Senate Judiciary Committee chairman LEAHY
Sharks' offerings LOANS
Site of some of Caesar's campaigns GAUL
Sits precariously TEETERS
Smitten with SWEETON
Splash guard APRON
Steel strengthener TUNGSTEN
Stockholm-based carrier SAS
Stood for DENOTED
Swamp snapper CROC
Tarot card that may represent fear THEMOON
Teatime treat SCONE
Tennis star Mandlikova HANA
The end of ___ ANERA
Tours turndown NON
Turn, in a way CURDLE
Uninspiring ARID
Unposed CANDID
Unwelcome net receipts? SPAM
Vintner's valley NAPA
Wilder in films GENE
Winless racehorse MAIDEN
With 67-Across, boarding request (and what to do with some of this puzzle's answers) BEAM
Witty one WAG
You might find one under the Christmas tree NEEDLE
___ about (roughly) ONOR
___ speak SOTO
___ tree (stuck) UPA
___-loading (marathon prep) CARBO