New York Times - Aug 20 2016

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Clues Answers
'Not another bite for me!' IMDONE
'OMG, that's enough!' TMI
'Two Years Before the Mast' author DANA
'What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta,' e.g GROANER
'Your call' NAMEIT
53rd 'state quarter' locale GUAM
Acupuncturist's supply NEEDLES
Advance look, commercially PREVUE
All the suspects in 'The Usual Suspects' MEN
Backing for a cartoonist ARTBOARD
Battleship guess DTEN
Believe in BETON
Came (from) ENSUED
Capriole LEAP
Colorful ornamental with a trunk AZALEATREE
Currency in Freetown LEONE
Dark brown quartz sometimes sold as a gemstone SMOKYTOPAZ
Edmond ___, the Count of Monte Cristo DANTES
Education's ___ Tech ITT
Foreign term of address HERR
Four-for-four Super Bowl-winning QB JOEMONTANA
Frederick Forsyth thriller 'The ___ File' ODESSA
Front money? ANTE
Girl's name in which the last three letters are equivalent to the first? IONE
Hawkeye State city AMES
Imprinting tool METALSTAMP
It's an imposition TAX
John Wayne title role HONDO
Leaving nothing out ATOZ
Clues Answers
Like a Navy seal WATERTIGHT
Like Alzheimer's disease AGERELATED
Like la mer AZUR
Little bits JOTS
Lollapalooza DILLY
Marcos of the Philippines IMELDA
Minor flaw WART
Most TV Land programming RERUNS
Mountain lakes TARNS
Obama's first Homeland Security secretary NAPOLITANO
Old-fashioned auto feature RUMBLESEAT
One might be involved in a sting WASP
One not yet one, say INFANT
One-stop shopping spot SUPERSTORE
Ones put on retainer? TEETH
Paralyzes, in a way TASES
Plot lines XANDYAXES
Primitive STONEAGE
Quality wool source MERINO
Quick on the uptake APT
Seeing right through WISETO
Something to live for TODAY
Stick with it TAPE
Subject of the biography 'Lightning in His Hand' TESLA
Supportive cries YAYS
Tall tale producer? IMAX
Very large, informally MEGA
Washington Sq. Park squad NYPD
Wet blanket? DEW
___ Land, 1954 Kirk Douglas sci-fi role NED
___ Tower Gardens, National Historic Landmark in Florida BOK
___ Williams, Potsie player on 'Happy Days' ANSON
___-on-Thames (regatta site) HENLEY