The Washington Post - Aug 19 2016

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Clues Answers
'Vexations' composer Erik SATIE
1994 Jodie Foster drama NELL
2003-'07 Saturn model ION
2007 Senate resigner Trent LOTT
Airer of telly programmes BBC
Airline with a globe logo UNITED
Ancient inscription letter RUNE
Ball-balancing barkers SEALS
Banded venomous snake KRAIT
Barack nominated her for the Supreme Court in 2010 ELENA
Best of ___ worlds BOTH
Beverage high in antioxidants GREENTEA
Blues musician Mahal TAJ
Captain Kirk's journal LOG
Car radio button PRESET
Carpeters' calculations AREAS
Churlish child BRAT
Comprehend GRASP
Corroded ATE
County on San Francisco Bay MARIN
Deg. recipient GRAD
Earthling, to Beldar Conehead BLUNTSKULL
Establish a link with TIETO
Exchange SWITCH
Expression of disapproval, each part of which appears in 17-, 29-, and 45-Across TSKTSKTSK
Fish in some dragon rolls EEL
For face value ATPAR
Frasier Crane's service THERAPY
Gel in jellies PECTIN
Gmail directive SEND
Having been torn apart INTWO
In a sharp-toned manner ACIDLY
Incur a cell phone surcharge, perhaps ROAM
Invite to visit the penthouse ASKUP
Joint often seen by shoe store clerks ANKLE
King who says, 'O! that way madness lies' LEAR
Knee-revealing garment SHORTSKIRT
Lake recreation option JETSKIING
Clues Answers
Lawyer's 'concerning this' HEREOF
Let the cat out of the bag TELL
Makes like Old Faithful SPURTS
Material sought in a rush ORE
Monogram on a Cardinal cap STL
Mournful melody DIRGE
Muskogee resident of classic country OKIE
Navigator creator NETSCAPE
NBC show first hosted by George Carlin SNL
Observance involving the Four Questions SEDER
Obstacles to objectivity BIASES
Outburst of astonishment YIKE
Overly assertive PUSHY
Patronize Spago or Sardi's DINE
Provide energy to POWER
Recess game TAG
Refs' decisions, at times KOS
Seeks help from TURNSTO
Shape whose interior angles total 1,260 degrees NONAGON
Some Greenland dwellers INUIT
South Pacific kingdom TONGA
Standards of perfection IDEALS
Substance with a pH above seven ALKALI
Successful eBay lister SELLER
The Queen of Hearts, vis-à-vis Wonderland RULER
Three-time George Burns role GOD
Turkey, for one NATION
Vent verbally RANT
Wasn't seaworthy, in a way LEAKED
Watch wolfishly OGLE
Welterweight's weapons FISTS
What a suitor pitches WOO
Without a break NONSTOP
Woodard's director in 'Crooklyn' LEE
Word after shooting or curling IRON
Wrathful states IRES
[What a shocking thing to say!] GASP