Wall Street Journal - Aug 22 2016 - The Name Is Familiar...

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Clues Answers
'Ain't No Half-Steppin'' rapper BIGDADDYKANE
'Night Moves' rocker Bob SEGER
1945 conference site YALTA
1997 Spielberg film AMISTAD
Admired celeb IDOL
Attorney's field LAW
Bad day for Julius Caesar IDES
Bank offerings LOANS
Barry Bonds's 762 homers, e.g RECORD
Bike part TIRE
Broadway's Bernadette PETERS
Brother of Groucho and Harpo CHICO
Candidate of 2016 TIMKAINE
Card in a royal flush ACE
Charity sporting events FUNRUNS
Circus weightlifter STRONGMAN
Contractor's submission BID
Curtain holder ROD
Cutoffs, for example SHORTS
Do congressional work LEGISLATE
Early eviction site EDEN
Eventually INTIME
Expel from legal practice DISBAR
Expert in the Force JEDI
Explosive stuff NITRO
Formal agreement PACT
Fred and Wilma's pet DINO
From Scandinavia, say NORDIC
German currency before the euro MARK
Give a hoot CARE
Hangs on the line AIRS
Harry Truman's wife BESS
Hit in a high arc LOB
Holds title to OWNS
Ill-tempered CRANKY
In need of a massage SORE
In need of a massage ACHY
Clues Answers
Inventor Whitney ELI
Lennon's love ONO
Like monsoon season RAINY
Magnetic metal IRON
Migratory duck PINTAIL
Moment, informally JIFF
Move quickly SCURRY
Movie director Renoir JEAN
Not isosceles or equilateral SCALENE
Pack, as the trunk LOADUP
Packing, so to speak ARMED
Panache FLAIR
Parisian denial NON
Poet Khayyam OMAR
Portrayer of Superman on TV's 'Lois & Clark' DEANCAIN
Posterior BACKSIDE
Pre-Easter period LENT
Precious green stone JADE
Prepares for a game TRAINS
Privy to INON
Raggedy ___ ANN
Read quickly SKIM
Rent out LET
Rights-defending org ACLU
Rink surface ICE
Rough guess STAB
Rum-soaked cake BABA
Scary shout BOO
Shoulder muscle, in brief DELT
Sideless freight carriers FLATCARS
Sizable snakes BOAS
Slander DEFAME
Son of Lord and Lady Montague ROMEO
Soothing ointments BALMS
Start a call, anachronistically DIAL
Super Bowl V quarterback Johnny UNITAS
Tantrum FIT
To's opposite FRO