Universal - Aug 15 2016

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Clues Answers
"American Idol" contestant Clay AIKEN
"So ___ heard!" IVE
18-wheelers SEMIS
Adrift ATSEA
Arab League member YEMEN
Articles of faith TENETS
Beamed LITUP
Bookie's numbers ODDS
Boxer portrayed by Will Smith ALI
Brutally attacked SAVAGED
Bug someone? SPY
Catch a radio program TUNEIN
Chastise CHIDE
Chum PAL
Classy wheels, briefly LIMO
Decision-makers? OPTERS
Depressed SAD
Distinguished NOTABLE
Doesn't exactly flow DRIPS
Drizzles or pours RAINS
Eagle's residence AERIE
Elude waterproofing SEEP
Fading stars? NOVAE
Fernando or Lorenzo of old TV LAMAS
Financing, as a play BANKROLLING
Finish in first place WIN
Foot part ANKLE
For each PER
French word before a maiden name NEE
Full metal jacket? ARMOR
Gloss target LIP
Good bit ALOT
Government procurement org GSA
Grammar school goo PASTE
Greek "P" RHO
Hardened campaigner POL
In the way of 41-Across SLILY
Jonas Salk's study POLIO
Clues Answers
Khan's title AGA
Like a zebra STRIPED
Like some classic movies, now REMADE
Like the most popular books BESTSELLING
More crafty SLIER
More steamed up ANGRIER
Movie that rates 0 stars STINKER
Not allow to practice DEBAR
One of the Bobbseys NAN
Opposite of ally ENEMY
Ore sources LODES
Parcel out, as property ALLOT
Planet, poetically ORB
Plumbing fitting TEE
Purposeful pitch SPIEL
Recital numbers SOLI
Require nursing AIL
Rum ___ Tugger ("Cats" character) TUM
Salmon's progeny SPAWN
Santa ___, California ANA
Science class LAB
Scouting mission RECON
Seasonal drink NOG
Shell out SPEND
Short long story? NOVELLA
Some grown-ups MEN
Some people are bounced after revealing them IDS
Strands at dinner? PASTA
Supersecretive U.S. org CIA
Take a seat inelegantly PLOP
Takes, as an offer ACCEPTS
They're slithery and slippery EELS
Thou, squared MIL
Tide variety NEAP
Tierra ___ Fuego DEL
Tough job for salespeople COLDCALLING