Canadiana - Aug 15 2016

Clues Answers
Action plan SYSTEM
Actress Sommers ELKE
Auditory sense EAR
Away from the wind ALEE
Bonkers BARMY
Breastplate EGIS
Computer memory ROM
Conger and moray EELS
Cubic measure EPHAH
Deference RESPECT
Devour EAT
Dutch cheese EDAM
European economic org EEC
Examine SCAN
First responders org EMO
Flower petals ALA
Friend, to Francois AMI
Gear part COG
Golfer Ernie ELS
Heroin SCAG
Intelligence WIT
Inuit dwelling IGLOO
Layer TIER
Luongo workplace GOAL
Narration TALE
No, in Nairn NAE
Norse goddess ELLI
Novelist Fleming IAN
Old world buffalo ANOA
One's self EGO
Opener KEY
Organic compound ENOL
Clues Answers
Prefix denoting ear OTO
RC honourees STES
Remember the film ______ CAMERAS
Remember the horse and _____ BUGGY
Remember the landline_____ PHONES
Remember the one car _____ GARAGE
Remember the one room____ SCHOOLS
Remember the pen and ____ PENCIL
Remember the Type ____ WRITER
Remember _____ cooking HOME
Sheepish remark BAA
Sibling, slangily SIS
Sign of a sell-out SRO
Sorcerer WARLOCK
Spate SLEW
Spring flower LILY
Summer sip ADE
Tewkesbury toilet LOO
That lady SHE
The fiddling emperor NERO
Town in Cambridgeshire ELY
Trackage RAILS
Turkish title AGA
Turmoil UNREST
Upper body muscle PEC
Wood file RASP
Word after horned or screech OWL
Word before sands or paper TAR
Yearn LONG
Young salmon PARRS
_____ wonton WOR