New York Times - Aug 12 2016

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Clues Answers
'50s campaign nickname IKE
'And who ___?' ISNT
'Leaves and Navels' artist ARP
'No, no, really ...' IINSIST
2014 World Cup winner: Abbr GER
Artist Magritte RENE
Beginning to morph? ECTO
Blubbers SOBS
Bothers ADOS
Bothers VEXES
Brady bunch, briefly TDS
Capital up the coast from Cape Coast ACCRA
Combined INONE
Comic's nightmare? BOO
Counterpart of moi VOUS
Dashes off JOTS
Disappearing exclamations POOFS
Do some ferreting ROOTAROUND
Eli Manning, on the field TEN
Extra, in ads ADDL
Fix as 20-Across might do ALTER
Foe of Big Boy and Little Face DICKTRACY
Founder of Rhyme $yndicate Records ICET
Full of butterflies NERVOUS
Geezers COOTS
Go over SPAN
Good news for business NETPROFIT
Harmonious INKEY
He succeeded two queens JAMESI
Hoist on a ship DAVIT
Hot, salty snack SOFTPRETZEL
Hurt with a horn GORED
Instrument that's cradled, for short UKE
Israel's Olmert EHUD
It takes turns making dinner ROTISSERIE
Clues Answers
John Paul II, e.g POLE
Jubilation GLEE
Little 'un SPROUT
Lord & Taylor rival, informally SAKS
Magical duster PIXIE
Mushy foods PAPS
Nieuwpoort's river YSER
One for whom 'hello' is 'hej' DANE
Pacific dietary staple TARO
Porcine paramour PETUNIAPIG
Product with a Crispy Buffalo variety SHAKENBAKE
Reminder that sticks? POSTITNOTE
Schemes PLOYS
Seriously under the weather SICKASADOG
Settled ALIT
Shot measure JIGGER
Some antlered animals ROES
Some red giants SSTARS
Some zoo employees VETS
Sound from a cheater PSST
Staple of Memorial Day services TAPS
Symbol del cristianismo CRUZ
They had rolls to play, once PIANOS
Touches ABUTS
Tough spots JAMS
Traffic director CONE
Tremendously ALOT
Turn on AROUSE
Under water INDEBT
Underwater breather GILL
Weapon used in the Vietnam War AGENTORANGE
Webster wrote many of them: Abbr DEFS
What 'it' is found in TAG
Yesterday, so to speak ASAP