L.A. Times Magazine - Jul 13 2008

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Clues Answers
"Dumb ___ tree" (Chaucer) ASA
"Even ___ speak" ASWE
"Give ___ rest" ITA
"How!" preceder AND
"If you can believe that" NOLESS
"Into the car, everybody" LETSROLL
"Pomp and Circumstance" composer ELGAR
"Très ___!" CHIC
"Very hatlike," in Italian? MOLTOBEANIE
"What's a yoot?" utterer Fred GWYNNE
"___ Irish Rose" ABIES
'70s sitcom producer MTM
0 for 4, e.g. HITLESS
1492 ship NINA
1923's Opera Coupe, e.g. REO
1998 Judi D. role ELIZ
8th c. Chinese poet LIPO
9 Down's TV role PEG
Ache site TOOTH
Acting Christian SLATER
Actor Quinn AIDAN
Actress Merkel UNA
Actress Pitts ZASU
Actress Sagal KATEY
Aeschylus trilogy ORESTEIA
Annoyingly proper one PRUDE
Arena cry OLE
Arouse PIQUE
Augsburg article DER
Basketball stat ASSIST
Before, to poets ERE
Bleachers sound RAH
Body-scanning technique MRI
Boyfriend BEAU
Century plant AGAVE
Choose OPT
Clinton's first Defense chief ASPIN
Cognac rating VSOP
Comfy corners NICHES
Denying words NOTME
Diane in "The Godfather" KAY
Director Browning TOD
Do the floor again REWAX
Dramatist Blitzstein MARC
Durocher et al. LEOS
Editing word STET
Egg, to Elian HUEVO
Egyptian goddess ISIS
Eldrick Woods TIGER
Exile island of 1814 ELBA
Flying fish-eater LOON
Foundation BASIS
Gen. Stuart JEB
Genesis vessel, in Genoa ARCA
Gerund finish ING
Get back on REBOARD
Gets the dinghy going ROWS
Glorify EXALT
Greek letter KAPPA
Hat-hater's response to this puzzle? BAHHOMBURG
Have lunch EAT
Henri add-on ETTA
Herbie, for one LOVEBUG
Hold up ROB
Hollywood VIP AGENT
Home of Monument Valley UTAH
Hooded coat PARKA
Infamous Richard III
It merged with AT&T in 1999 TCI
It's more fauna than a barrel of monkeys ZOO
Italian side dish RISOTTO
Its airliners have stars on their tails ELAL
Jack's escort JILL
Clues Answers
Less seen RARER
Levels RAZES
Like some milk SPILT
Like swimsuit issues SEXY
Lincoln Ctr.'s address NYNY
Linen source FLAX
Lip ending ASE
Luci's dad LBJ
Maker of the 9-3 convertible SAAB
Maui crop CANE
Merchandise ITEMS
More, to Miguel MAS
Muscle woe STRAIN
Muscle woe SPASM
Music notes LAS
Nav. officer ENS
Nectar collector BEE
New Haven student ELI
Ocean depths ABYSS
Oppenheimer subj. ABOMB
Outwit, as a posse ELUDE
Painter Uccello PAOLO
Parisian's daily prayer? DONTRAINONMYBERET
Parking place, often REAR
Pindar work ODE
Platform DAIS
Puppeteer Baird BIL
Ragbag OLIO
Rel. of "yadda, yadda" ETC
Relax a la Lassie LIE
Respond REACT
Result of the old bucket-above-the-door gag, in Scotland? WATEROVERTHETAM
Runner Zatopek EMIL
Seat at the wedding PEW
Sec. DIV
See 114 Across SAWYOURFEZ
Sets foot TREADS
Sharp competitor RCA
Siberian, yes; Liberian, no ASIAN
Singer Horne LENA
Slot-machine symbol BAR
Soaking places SPAS
Soccer's Hamm MIA
Sock part TOE
Solid as a rock STABLE
Soprano Renata SCOTTO
Squad, e.g. UNIT
Start again, in computing REBOOT
Sting, e.g. TRAP
Terrible one IVAN
The golden age? FIFTY
They tie in the back APRONS
Three-toed ratite EMU
Top Iranian, once SHAH
Touch the clouds SOAR
Tries lacing again RETIES
Ultimate NTH
Un ___ (a little, in Lille) PEU
Univ. hotshot BMOC
Upside-down, as a clown's hat? TOPSYDERBY
Verve ELAN
What hat lovers listen to? TOQUERADIO
What the host of the "Hat Hotline" has at least once a week? ACLOCHECALL
Where La Pampa prov. is ARG
Wile E. Coyote's supplier ACME
Wind danger SHEAR
Wintertime "combo-hat" that never caught on? THEBOWLERICECAP
With 127 Across, the best-selling hat song of 1972? THEFIRSTTIMEEVERI
Word before or after break FAST
___ carotene BETA
___-jongg MAH