Irish Times (Simplex) - Aug 9 2016

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Clues Answers
8th letter of the Greek alphabet THETA
American wardrobe CLOSET
Articulate UTTER
Baltic republic LATVIA
Call for a repeat performance ENCORE
Cease-fire in order to conduct talks ARMISTICE
Cheers, chin-chin BOTTOMSUP
Crystal-like semi-precious stone ZIRCON
Decay, decompose ROT
Dirt, grease GRIME
Doing physical harm to INJURING
Eight-sided OCTAGONAL
Floor below ground BASEMENT
Forceful contact between two objects IMPACT
Fraught with danger PERILOUS
Having or involving many parts MULTIPLE
Implements TOOLS
In Norse mythology, the hall for the souls of heroes VALHALLA
Clues Answers
Involuntary twitch TIC
Leguminous seed PEA
Low woody plants SHRUBS
Member of the family RELATION
Not joined or touching SEPARATE
One evaluates property ASSESSOR
Packs of cans of beer SLABS
Prefix for old-style RETRO
Prevents or hinders passage OBSTRUCTS
Russian wolfhound BORZOI
Small stems bearing leaves or flowers SPRIGS
Snow-house IGLOO
Spoil or impair MAR
They refer to people, places and things NOUNS
Thickly oleaginous GREASY
Uttered in a grating voice RASPED
Walks at a slow, relaxed pace AMBLES
Well-mannered, courteous POLITE