- Aug 7 2016

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Clues Answers
''. . . even __ speak'' ASWE
''60 Minutes'' airer CBS
''Be glad to!'' SURE
''Casablanca'' heroine ILSA
''Drat!'' PHOOEY
''Frozen'' queen ELSA
''I Love Lucy'' surname RICARDO
''If I Only Had the Nerve'' singer LAHR
''Jo's Boys'' author ALCOTT
''M*A*S*H'' vehicle JEEP
''Take this'' HERE
''Tastes great!'' YUM
''Zip it!'' SHH
Appeal PLEA
Apt rhyme for ''surveil'' TAIL
Artemis or Aphrodite GODDESS
At the perfect time ONCUE
Attack from above DIVEBOMB
Bad habits VICES
Bailiwick AREA
Bake-sale org PTA
Bialystock's partner in ''The Producers'' BLOOM
Biblical preposition UNTO
Big ballpark STADIUM
Bit of dangling jewelry EARBOB
Bring up REAR
Campaign funding org PAC
Cards in wallets IDS
Carefree escapade LARK
Carve in stone ETCH
Circus venues ARENAS
Code-cracking org NSA
Colleens LASSIES
Compass reading NNE
Couplet creator POET
Crowd-sourced review site YELP
Crystal buyer, perhaps NEWAGER
Cuddly pet LAPCAT
Decisive NFL periods OTS
Defensive discipline KARATE
Deputy: Abbr ASST
Dickensian clerk HEEP
Dietary measure CALORIE
DNA test site LAB
Drink noisily SLURP
Eagerly accept LEAPAT
Eastern European SERB
Electrical adapter for England TRAVELPLUG
Enticement BAIT
Environmental prefix ECO
Escalates UPS
Euro predecessor PESETA
Female lobsters HENS
Feudal lord LIEGE
Figures out GETS
Finance degs MBAS
Find a space PARK
Flight-related prefix AERO
Founded, for short ESTD
Get rid of SHED
GI morale booster USOSHOW
Globetrotter's reference ATLAS
Golf pro's stumble BOGEY
Grasp HOLD
Grind, as teeth GNASH
Hallmark subsidiary CRAYOLA
Has dinner SUPS
Hieroglyphics animal ASP
Hulking herbivore HIPPO
Informal refusal NAH
Clues Answers
Ingrid or Ingmar Bergman SWEDE
Irish actor Stephen REA
Kazakhstan's locale ASIA
Keep busy TIEUP
Knocked over TOPPLED
Large cooking vessel STEWPOT
Lifts with effort HEFTS
Literary excerpt PASSAGE
Lofty HIGH
Loses firmness SAGS
Low-abrasive cleansing brand SOFTSCRUB
Manufacturing facility PLANT
Mascara target LASH
Masqueraded (as) POSED
Maui and Kauai ISLES
Meditation chants OMS
Mideast capital AMMAN
Minestrone pasta ORZO
Mississippi River explorer DESOTO
Mortgage shopper's concern BANKRATE
Mosque faith ISLAM
Most recent 007 CRAIG
Nervous-system regulator BRAINSTEM
Nudge POKE
Operatic selection ARIA
Part of a tied shoelace LOOP
Patella protector KNEEPAD
PC corner key CTRL
Pepper processors MILLS
Poor grades DEES
Pork serving CHOP
Primary strategy PLANA
Professional practice LAW
Protagonist HERO
Publicity ploy MEDIASTUNT
Road shoulders BERMS
Round Table titles SIRS
Routing word VIA
Scatterbrain AIRHEAD
Seasoned SPICED
Seventh-century starter DCI
Severe cold snap DEEPFREEZE
Shaped like a rainbow ARCED
Short-billed wading bird PLOVER
Small stock purchase ODDLOT
Solemn promise IDO
Something to keep a beagle busy CHEWTOY
Somewhat, so to speak SORTA
Sport in a ring SUMO
Stages a comeback RALLIES
Statue of Liberty's exterior makeup COPPERFOIL
Stop between flights LAYOVER
Summer Games org IOC
Swordplay weapon EPEE
T-shirt size SMALL
Terrier type SKYE
Time for checks PAYDAY
Tomato varieties ROMAS
Took it easy SAT
Top-notch ACE
Toward the rudder AFT
Type of coffeehouse ESPRESSOBAR
Underground drain SEWER
Upswing RISE
Usage agreement LEASE
UV-protection measure SPF
Vast, in verse ENORM
Very thick window GLASSBLOCK
Wear and tear USE
Went quickly SPED
What Rembrandt spoke DUTCH
Whom Marc orated about JULIUS
Word of regret ALAS