New York Times - Aug 5 2016

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Clues Answers
'Ah, got it' ISEENOW
'Army of ___' (recruiting slogan) ONE
'Evolving the way the world moves' sloganeer UBER
'I was robbed!' NOFAIR
'Spotlight' director McCarthy TOM
:-D alternative LOL
Added cost of selling overseas EXPORTTAX
Armisen of 'Portlandia' FRED
Average producer DOWJONES
Chameleon, e.g REPTILE
Charge that may be high TREASON
Christie's event ARTSALE
Colorful swallow? JELLOSHOT
Come about ARISE
Compost heap bit RIND
Confessional word CULPA
Conflicts with combat HOTWARS
Crib piece SLAT
Direct AIM
Div. of the Justice Department DEA
Dunham of 'Girls' LENA
Eponym of an annual Golden Globe award for lifetime achievement DEMILLE
Event where kids ask lots of questions, informally TEENJEOPARDY
Female antelope DOE
Frustrated cry GAH
Going around the world? INORBIT
Hardly deliberate RASH
Hip-hop's ___ Fiasco LUPE
Home of Charlie Chan OAHU
Impressed cry OOH
Injured: Fr LESE
Italian dictators DUCES
Least hopping DEADEST
Like the tops of many porticoes ARCED
Locale for a 39-Across DOJO
Martial arts weapons that are two sticks connected by a chain NUNCHAKUS
Clues Answers
Moved like a 20-Down JIGGLED
Narrow inlet RIA
Opposite of fine print? SCRAWL
Ottoman honorific AGHA
Paradise XANADU
Parts of abdomens SPLEENS
Patriotic chant USAUSA
Playground comeback ARETOO
Put away HID
Recital numbers SOLI
Recited prayers LITANIES
Resembling a heavy curtain, say RUGLIKE
Sammy who wrote the lyrics to 'Ain't That a Kick in the Head' CAHN
Second City subway org CTA
Shooting star? AIRACE
Some mixtapes RAPCDS
Some women on 'Mad Men' STENOS
Somewhat ATAD
Source of fleece EWE
Start and end of many a flight NEST
Student monitors, for short RAS
TED talk, e.g LECTURE
Temple of Artemis city EPHESUS
The Miners of the N.C.A.A UTEP
There's nothing to it NULLSET
U.S. athlete who won more gold medals at the 1980 Winter Olympics than all but two non-U.S. countries HEIDEN
Undemanding EASY
What makes nose noise? ANI
Where people live well beyond the city limits EXURBIA
You might be thrown on it JUDOMAT
___-bodied ABLE