The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,649 - Aug 3 2016

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Clues Answers
Agent taking one pound from sum received by actors CATALYST
Beneficiary of drone flying over Vatican? ENDORSEE
Bird, one moving round capital BUDGERIGAR
Burlesque effort involving a piece of underwear TRAVESTY
Burns right for one giving sentimental performance TORCHSINGER
Child catching more than half of city's fish TURBOT
Cloth with which to cover onion bhaji when cooked HIJAB
Columnist channels online content NELSON
Come out of European Union right away? EMERGE
Come together in Spain after goal upset INTEGRATE
Country without any trace of culture? GERM
Get old faster, perhaps, with loss of power OUTAGE
Is left economist misrepresented? COMESINTO
Musicians making an impact by swearing interminably about nothing PERCUSSION
Clues Answers
Old play I'm adapting in classical setting OLYMPIA
One supervising submerged navy swimmer GURNARD
Organised workers' survey of Italian region TUSCAN
Politician entering TV Centre for Songs of Praise? TEMPLE
Remorse after abandoning initial attempt to catch whopper UNTRUTH
Ring Christopher's friend back HOOP
Seedy haunt in which, after time, I turn marauder ATTILATHEHUN
Setter's regrettably rejected sausage SALAMI
Short news item perhaps -- Elvis occupying space? PARKING
Speciality of half of Spanish footballers REALM
There's no going back after this -- it's where you put your hand in your pocket! TIPPINGPOINT
To calibrate study's fair READJUST
To eat in bed, lie awkwardly EDIBLE