The Washington Post - Aug 1 2016

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Clues Answers
'After the Gold Rush' singer Young NEIL
'Brilliant, ain't I?!' TADA
'Go Set a Watchman' author Harper LEE
'Sleepless in Seattle' director Nora EPHRON
'Straight Outta Compton' figure, briefly DRE
'Ta-ta,' in Toulouse ADIEU
'Toys in the ___' (Aerosmith album) ATTIC
A hundred bucks ONEC
Acrimony IRE
Alan of 'Bridge of Spies' ALDA
All thumbs INEPT
Amtrak bullet train ACELA
Bailout key ESC
Before, in ballads ERE
Bing quest (abbr.) RTE
Capital of Jordan AMMAN
Capitol Reef National Park locale UTAH
Chills and fever AGUE
Civil injustice TORT
Clear, as a whiteboard ERASE
Cold War summit SALTII
Community character ETHOS
Country singer McEntire REBA
Ding-a-ling DODO
Dirt cake ingredient OREO
Elise manufacturer LOTUS
Engage in sweet talk (and a hint to 20-, 26-, and 44-Across) TURNONTHECHARM
Eternally EVER
Exploratory spacecraft PROBE
Field that has many sources JOURNALISM
Fire preceder AIM
Firmly established DEEPSEATED
Foggy state STUPOR
Fried pork servings HAMCROQUETTES
Gen. who became pres DDE
Gets the soap off RINSES
Gp. that opposed the Vietnam War SDS
Clues Answers
Groupie target IDOL
Hard to find RARE
Home of the Heat and the Hurricanes MIAMI
Hoodoo amulet MOJO
Instrument played by Dr. Phibes ORGAN
La-Z-Boy organizer ARMCHAIRCADDY
Like grapefruit juice ACIDIC
Major for a future bureaucrat, briefly POLISCI
Make a scene? ACT
Member of a drove HARE
Merit badge locale SASH
Mincemeat, e.g PIE
Nice guys? FRENCH
Oracle, in Oakland ARENA
Paradise of Genesis EDEN
Part of show business CINEMA
Performance review period, typically YEAR
Physics topic ATOM
Pooch that bit Almira Gulch TOTO
Regret RUE
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame architect PEI
Russell's role in 'Tombstone' EARP
Something marked by Botts' dots LANE
Sputtering sound PFFT
Succor AID
Superfund org EPA
Surround HEMIN
Tenor Enrico CARUSO
The first James Bond film DRNO
These get puckered and smacked LIPS
Time to give up? LENT
Top of a church STEEPLE
What a keeper may keep INN
Word before Horse or Butterfly IRON
Xenophobe's fear ALIEN
___ duty CIVIC
___ shui FENG