New York Times - Jul 31 2016

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Clues Answers
'... or I quit!,' e.g THREAT
'<<' button: Abbr REW
'Amazing Grace' verse ender ISEE
'I wish I ___ [sic] homeward bound': Paul Simon WAS
'It was you,' à la Verdi ERITU
'The Evil Dead' director RAIMI
'Xanadu' group, for short ELO
Activity-tracking devices FIBIS
Actor Bremner of 'Black Hawk Down' EWEN
Anne Rice antihero LESTAT
Apartment ad abbr RMS
Archaic verb ending ETH
Arrow on a screen CURSOR
Baby whale CALF
Beat it TOMTOM
Blackening TARRING
Bush campaigns? SAFARIS
Carbonated drink SODA
Carbonated drink ALE
Carbonated drink POP
Cause of inflation? AIR
Cause of Romeo's death POISON
Chest organs THYMUSES
Climber in a children's rhyme ISYBISYSPIDER
Collect REAP
Curling stone stone GRANIE
Dish site, maybe ROOFTOP
Doesn't accept, say CONTESTS
Drink with mint or lemon ICETEA
Duma dissent NYET
Dummies NIWIS
Early online forum USENET
Ed of 'Up' ASNER
End of geologic time? CENE
English royal family STUARTS
Federal management org GSA
Flight board abbr ARR
Fossey who was 'in the mist' DIAN
French city known for its porcelain LIMOGES
Giant Manning ELI
Group surrounding a star POSSE
Hardly electronic wizardry LOWTECH
Hats for artistes BERETS
Ho-hum response YAWN
Hoity-toity sort SNOOT
Holds up ROBS
Home of the N.C.A.A.'s Cyclones ISU
Horizontal: Abbr ACR
Hummus holders PIAS
It may require a password WIFI
It might land you in a trap TEESHOT
It's a stitch PURL
Juniors SONS
Keebler baker ELF
Kimono-clad hostesses GEISHAS
King of Portugal REI
Knock unconscious COLDCOCK
Landlord's request SECURIYDEPOSI
Laugh uproariously BUSTAGUT
Lawyer who defended Leopold and Loeb DARROW
Lead-up to mating ENDGAME
Like Cheerios OATY
Like Monday crosswords EASIEST
Makes the calls REFS
Man of morals AESOP
Melodic passages STRAINS
Clues Answers
Mentalist Geller URI
More promising ROSIER
N.Y.U.'s ___ School of the Arts TISCH
Newswoman Soledad OBRIEN
Occasion to learn a secret handshake INIIATIONRIE
One side of the Bosporus strait ASIA
One who's outstanding? LOIERER
Ones who say 'We'll be right back' TVHOSTS
Opposite of fast EAT
Oscar-winning Hanks role GUMP
Overturns UPSETS
Ozone destroyers, for short CFCS
Paintball cry IMHI
Passing note? OBI
Patron god of ancient Thebes AMON
Persistent CHRONIC
Person in handcuffs, for short PERP
Persona non grata OUTCAST
Pet cause, in brief SPCA
Phys ed dept ATH
Places to get clean REHABS
Powerhouse in women's b-ball UCONN
Private transportation? JEEP
Q neighbor TAB
Q neighbors RST
Q preceder, in song SUSIE
Question asked at the cash register CREDIORDEBI
Record label for Cream and Sonny & Cher ATCO
Regarding ASTO
Relating to heraldry ARMORIAL
Reproduction unit SPORE
Romance writers' awards RIAS
See 46-Across RECRUIER
Señora Perón EVA
Shepherd's place LEA
Signal CUE
Singer with an eponymous 1956 #1 album ELVIS
Some email attachments PDFS
Something hard to get off your chest? TATTOO
Something with two sides? ENTREE
Spot for a shopping list MEMOPAD
Spot for vaccinations, for short? PSA
Statehouse resident, informally GUV
Stay cool ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme KEEPITOGETHER
Striking down SMIING
Stuffed, in Mexican cuisine RELLENO
Tangle of hair MAT
Terminal info, for short ETDS
The first to go on a strike, usually ONEPIN
The Fonz, for one GREASER
Throat problem FROG
Times for many Tours tours ETES
Tissue surrounding a muscle FASCIA
Took a hit TOKED
Travis who sang 'The Whiskey Ain't Workin'' TRIT
Trophies for Tiger Woods and LeBron James ESPYS
Tuna type AHI
Wash'n ___ (towelette brand) DRI
Way to get to know a father in law? PATERNIYSUI
What a star may denote CAPIAL
What an urgent message may be in ALLCAPS
What gets As in chemistry? ARSENIC
What's at risk STAKES
With 40-Across, visitor on high-school career day ARMY
___ buco OSSO
___ Tamid (synagogue lamp) NER
___ Tin Tin RIN