Universal - Jul 26 2016

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Clues Answers
"Dang!" relative DRAT
"It's OK after all" in editing STET
"Pet" that's really a plant CHIA
"Two thumbs up, way up," e.g RAVE
A great deal LOTS
Abrasive injury SCRAPE
Airport bummer DELAY
An image of worship IDOL
Ancient item RELIC
Animal shelters DENS
Artificial reservoirs CISTERNS
Back muscle, for short LAT
Beach playthings PAILS
Between activities IDLE
Bricklayer's carrier HOD
Capitol Hill worker AIDE
Charley horse ACHE
Chilling? ONICE
Circle parts ARCS
Clavell's "___-Pan" TAI
Computer graphic symbol ICON
Cut with a scalpel INCISE
Dependable and unfailing TRUSTY
Dickens character Heep URIAH
Divides in three TRISECTS
Do electrolysis on DEPILATE
Equestrian's tool RIDINGCROP
Far from warm COLD
Fiona, in the "Shrek" films OGRESS
Foam at the mouth RAGE
Four-bagger in Idaho? TATER
Fully clothed CLAD
Functions USES
Funeral hymns DIRGES
Get weary TIRE
Group of witches COVEN
Clues Answers
Hairdresser's forte STYLE
Half a gas mileage rating CITY
Hydrochloric, for one ACID
Illegal parkers' worry TOWERS
In the manner of a meddler NOSILY
Jazz ensemble COMBO
Kuwaiti big shots EMIRS
Like doilies LACY
Mini-whirlpool EDDY
Minuscule amounts WHITS
Near disaster CLOSESHAVE
No longer hung up on OVER
Paper supporters CLIPBOARDS
Particular Arab OMANI
Pen filler INK
Piece of cake CINCH
Place for a buttonhole LAPEL
Play ___ (compete in tennis) ASET
Police team acronym SWAT
Powders for bathers TALCS
Provide bearings to ORIENT
Puts the kibosh on STOPS
Quits marching HALTS
Reposition, as tires ROTATE
Seven, at the Sorbonne SEPT
Some eating utensils CHOPSTICKS
Sound quality TIMBRE
Story that may be tall TALE
Thailand's neighbor CAMBODIA
Tonsil attachment? ITIS
Treehouse foundation LIMB
Tubular pasta PENNE
Type of salmon COHO
Was a passenger RODE
Wave makers ROWBOATS