Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jul 29 2016

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Clues Answers
' girl!' ATTA
' who?' SEZ
'Big Blue' IBM
'Madam Secretary' star Ta LEONI
A billion years EON
Actress Hagen UTA
Actress/author Fannie FLAGG
Apiece EACH
As (usually) ARULE
Author Fleming IAN
Author Harper LEE
Bank clerk TELLER
Blue SAD
Broadway flops BOMBS
Bump into MEET
Cellar supplies WINES
Censor's sound BLEEP
Chang's brother ENG
Corp. boss CEO
Diner order BLT
Diving gear SCUBA
Docs' org AMA
Frazier foe ALI
Glacial ICY
Green prefix ECO
Gun lobby org NRA
Hawaiian 'thank you' MAHALO
Hint of color TINGE
Horned beast RHINO
Hosp. areas ORS
Invoice fig AMT
Island of Hawaii KAUAI
Clues Answers
Italian 'three' TRE
Kan. neighbor NEB
Lincoln or Ford CAR
Med. plan option HMO
Mover's rental UHAUL
Muumuu accessory LEI
Native American crop MAIZE
Online auction site EBAY
Ostrich's kin EMU
Performs ACTS
Petrify SCARE
Primitive EARLY
Red-tag events SALES
Right angle ELL
Runway surface TARMAC
Seize GRAB
Shack HUT
Shred RIP
Slapstick arsenal PIES
Small battery AAA
Small, as a sketch THUMBNAIL
Speedy FAST
Station DEPOT
Stick out like a SORETHUMB
Symbols of intrigue WEBS
Towboat TUG
Traffic light color AMBER
Undo a dele STET
Wanted poster abbr AKA
Wd. division SYL
Wonderland visitor ALICE
World Cup cheer OLE
Yalie ELI