- Jul 17 2016

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Clues Answers
''A man walks into __ . . .'' ABAR
''Common Sense'' writer PAINE
''Compadres'' AMIGOS
''Green'' prefix ECO
''Lemme!'' IWANNA
''Music Feed'' airer MTV
''Swell!'' NEATO
''The Prince of Tides'' star NOLTE
A little wet MOIST
Aid feloniously ABET
Angry hisser CAT
Arizona State athlete SUNDEVIL
At first, in a dict ORIG
At __ (done) ANEND
Attractive stuff EYECANDY
Beef cuts LOINS
Being a satellite INORBIT
Beseeched PLED
Biblical sanctuary ARK
Bibliography notation OPCIT
Big branch BOUGH
Blender setting CHOP
Borders on ABUTS
Break in the action LULL
Buffoons BOZOS
Caboose, for instance RAILCAR
Carter's National Security Advisor BRZEZINSKI
Certain city trip CABRIDE
Chew persistently GNAW
Chicago journalist Mike ROYKO
Close again, as some doors REBOLT
Clumsy ship HULK
Comic-book blow KAPOW
Computer game pioneer ATARI
Confident assertion ICAN
Congratulations KUDOS
Construction crew ERECTORS
Date qualifier CIRCA
Deep-sea submersible BATHYSCAPH
Deputy, for short ASST
Did yard work RAKED
Divination deck TAROT
Does a slow burn STEWS
Electronic instrument, for short SYNTH
Emergency money SCRIP
Empty boasting BRAGGADOCIO
Enliven, with ''up'' PERK
Enthusiastic about INTO
Envelope abbr ATTN
Erstwhile grocery chain AANDP
Family members AUNTS
Foot part INCH
Former American Ballet Theatre head BARYSHNIKOV
Former Labour leader Brown GORDON
French farewell ADIEU
French school ECOLE
GI hangout USO
Goodman of the Big Band era BENNY
Handbag designer KORS
Have __ (be concerned) ACARE
Hoodwinked STUNG
Hosiery shade NUDE
How, in Honduras COMO
Hymnal contents SONGS
Important thing BEALL
Inaccurate NOTSO
Is revealed EMERGES
It might get into a jam BOYSENBERRY
Jam-packed DENSE
Krypton, for instance INERTGAS
Lack of hardships EASE
Clues Answers
Lapel adornment BOUTONNIERE
Light brown HAZEL
Linked, as spacecraft DOCKED
Literary category GENRE
Long-billed bird IBIS
Make joyous ELATE
Mel Brooks' Robin Hood ELWES
Mesh well CLICK
Mexican War president POLK
Middle class BOURGEOISIE
Misgivings FEARS
Modern artist Max ERNST
Modest acknowledgment ITRY
Name of 12 popes PIUS
Narrated TOLD
Nevada city ELY
Newborn BABE
Nigeria neighbor BENIN
Offspring of Eve ABEL
On-call accessory PAGER
Online broadcasts PODCASTS
Order to a projectionist RUNIT
Otherwise engaged BUSY
Picture holder ALBUM
Poetic dusk EEN
Polo participant HORSE
Prenatal procedures AMNIOS
Prettify ADORN
Pretty big SIZABLE
Proofreader's abbr ITAL
Public promenade PASEO
Quaker colonist VIP PENN
Recipe amt TBSP
Rid of rind PEEL
Salad bar selections BEETS
Salsa tidbit ONION
Seller of space ADREP
Shakespearean eloper ROMEO
Sharp surface EDGE
Shipped off SENT
Slowly reduce, with ''down'' PARE
Sparkling GLITTERY
Star in Orion BETELGEUSE
Stuff in bran FIBER
Subtle glow AURA
Swift's land of giants BROBDINGNAG
Swimsuit top BRA
Taper off WANE
Tarries BIDES
Technical sch INST
Telegraph developer MORSE
Theater legend Lynn FONTANNE
They're often seen on superheroes CAPES
Third point, in tennis FORTY
Thomas of clockdom SETH
Tim of ''Project Runway'' GUNN
Towel holder ROD
Traditional teachings LORES
Triathlete's vehicle BIKE
Type of toothpaste GEL
Unexcitable STAID
Uses leverage PRIES
Wagner opera Valkyrie BRUNNHILDE
Washrooms, for short LAVS
Word like ''danke'' MERCI
__ tyme (Victorian-era, maybe) OLDE
__ wait (lurk) LIEIN
__ water (facing trouble) INHOT