USA Today - Jul 16 2016

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Clues Answers
"Dear ___" (John Lennon song) YOKO
"The Jungle Book" wolf AKELA
"___ mackerel!" HOLY
'50s political nickname IKE
Acquired kin INLAWS
Amazon's business, e.g ETAIL
Baseball's Musial STAN
Be in hock OWE
Belafonte song refrain DAYO
Block legally ESTOP
Bronx Zoo houseful APES
Burpee bagful SEED
Canyon-creating process EROSION
Chr. or Jud REL
Dazed and confused SPACY
Dog-___ (well-worn) EARED
Drive-___ window THRU
Egg container CRATE
English cathedral city ELY
Flat payment RENT
Fry cook's stock OIL
Garage job, for short LUBE
Garden of Eden casualty ABEL
Gave false hope to LEDON
Hand-pick SELECT
Hang in there LAST
Health insurance giant AETNA
Hip sort, to a beatnik COOLCAT
Horseshoe-shaped lab vessel UTUBE
In the know AWARE
Involves by necessity ENTAILS
Kiltie's topper TAM
Kimono sash OBI
King discovered in 1922 TUT
Life of ___ (carefree existence) RILEY
Like a potato-peeling pvt ONKP
Like congressional election years EVEN
Like much BBQ fare SMOKED
Like Victoria's Secret wares SEXY
Clues Answers
Longitude crosser (Abbr.) LAT
Longoria of "Telenovela" EVA
Melville's "___-Dick" MOBY
Memorial tribute EULOGY
Miners' finds ORES
Minnesota's state fish WALLEYE
Mythical weeper NIOBE
Nervous feeling TENSION
One on the beat COP
One on your side ALLY
Persuasion with flattery SMOOTHTALK
PG-13, e.g RATING
Place to moor COVE
Pocket protector item PEN
Poker ploys RAISES
Ponzi scheme, e.g SCAM
Poorer, as excuses go LAMER
Prefix with space or nautical AERO
Prim and proper PRISSY
Put back to 000, perhaps RESET
RDX and MDX automaker ACURA
Rolls-Royce radial TYRE
Romulus' twin REMUS
Rudolph Valentino, notably LATINLOVER
Shakespeare's fairy queen TITANIA
Sharp critic's feature ACIDTONGUE
Short-lived atomic particle MUON
Sikorsky of aviation IGOR
Siren's sound BLARE
Spray graffiti on, say MAR
Start of a play ACTONE
Start the bidding OPEN
Swelled heads EGOS
The Big Band ___ ERA
Top spot ACME
Top spot APEX
Tree-destroying insects GYPSYMOTHS
Vidal's "___ Breckinridge" MYRA
Weevils' fare BOLLS