- Jul 10 2016

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Clues Answers
''Ain't Misbehavin' '' star NELLCARTER
''Dilbert'' cartoonist SCOTTADAMS
''Fire and Rain'' singer JAMESTAYLOR
''Got it'' ISEE
''Now I get it!'' AHA
''Shaft'' score writer ISAACHAYES
''That is to say . . .'' IMEAN
''The Princess Bride'' star ELWES
''To a . . .'' works ODES
Added stipulations ANDS
Aerosmith's lead singer STEVENTYLER
Amanda of ''Hairspray'' BYNES
Animation collectible CEL
Appall SHOCK
Avon alternative OLAY
Ballerina painter DEGAS
Bank (on) RELY
Bar mixer SODA
Barters SWAPS
Beef cut RUMP
Big brawl MELEE
Bluegrass mandolin great BILLMONROE
Body art, for short TATS
Boot out EVICT
Bumped into MET
Call to a sea dog AHOY
Camp David Accords signer SADAT
Chief Argonaut JASON
Clear wrap SARAN
Coloraturas' deliveries ARIAS
Committee runner CHAIR
Computer capacity, for short RAM
Corn product PONE
Dealer's pursuer NARC
Defeats at chess MATES
Defensive fence PALISADE
Deserve MERIT
Dickens' ''__ Mutual Friend'' OUR
Doctoral exams ORALS
Door sign EXIT
Extinguish DOUSE
Extremities ENDS
Fancy flapjack CREPE
Father of Janet and La Toya JOEJACKSON
First film Tarzan ELMOLINCOLN
Fodder holders SILOS
Geese flight pattern VEE
Gets rid of SHEDS
Giggle TEHEE
Glowing reviews RAVES
Golf-club parts SOLES
Henry Higgins portrayer REXHARRISON
Highchair part TRAY
Holey holder SIEVE
Human dynamo DOER
Hung around LOITERED
Impair HARM
In great shape TONED
Italian wine region ASTI
Jam-packs FILLS
Just as good NOWORSE
Kanye West's music RAP
King Priam's home TROY
Lease signer TENANT
Linear measures FEET
Macabre EERIE
Makes uniform, say STIRS
Manages to elude LOSES
Modeling agency founder EILEENFORD
More poker-faced STONIER
Most lofty NOBLEST
Must, slangily GOTTA
Nasal partitions SEPTA
Clues Answers
Not getting enough credit UNSUNG
Not guaranteed ASIS
Notable function EVENT
October birthstone OPAL
Of birds AVIAN
Of hearing AURAL
One for the road AUTO
Out of alignment BENT
Part of a drum kit HIHAT
Party person, in headlines DEM
Party, in headlines GOP
Payroll listing STAFF
Perfectly TOAT
Periodic table fig ATNO
Place for a blotter DESK
Polar bear's resting place FLOE
Post-pun comment OUCH
Prefix for metric ISO
Protester's chorus CHANT
Protrusion BULGE
QVC competitor HSN
Rank above maj COL
Reef formers CORALS
Rose rapidly KITED
Sampras of tennis PETE
Say ''Tsk!'' to CHIDE
Seasoned experts ACES
Shakespearean sprite ARIEL
Sharp comment JAB
Sheer linen fabric TOILE
Short round of tennis ONESET
Show the ropes to TEACH
Sign of a pause COMMA
Sit for a shot POSE
Skycap, often TOTER
Small snack BITE
Soccer stadium shout OLE
Soft drink COLA
Some Nissans ALTIMAS
Some smartphone messages EMAIL
Sort of exam PHYSICAL
Sound of surprise GASP
South Pacific kingdom TONGA
Spanish national hero ELCID
Spin doctor's concern IMAGE
Stand-up routines SHTICKS
Storage rental UNIT
Suffix for secret IVE
Talk nonstop YAP
Telly watcher BRIT
Thatcher-Blair link MAJOR
Things to crack CODES
Timeline slice ERA
Title in Uncle Remus stories BRER
To this point ASYET
Took off on APED
Tried to elude a tag SLID
TV fund-raiser TELETHON
Two-Oscar Tracy SPENCER
USAF truant AWOL
Utensil for apples CORER
Variety-show segment SKIT
Venerable cookie OREO
Venetian blind piece SLAT
Verne submariner NEMO
Very, on a score MOLTO
Wait on TEND
Western neckties BOLOS
Western writer Bret HARTE
What snobs put on AIRS
Witty remark MOT
Words from sponsors ADS
__-Caps (cinema snack) SNO