New York Times - Jul 3 2008

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Clues Answers
'Hawaii ___' (island song) ALOHA
'Scenes of Clerical Life' author, 1858 ELIOT
'Sweet ___' DREAMS
'The Dukes of Hazzard' spinoff ENOS
'Was it ___ I saw?' (classic palindrome) ARAT
'Years ___ ...' AGO
'___ Eyes' (1969 hit) THESE
'___ Si Bon' (1950s Eartha Kitt hit) CEST
1958 World Cup hero PELE
50/50 EVEN
Alaska vacation destination DENALI
Atlantic Coast Conference team VIRGINIA
Coin toss call TAILS
Company founded by Ingvar Kamprad IKEA
Compete in a biathlon, in part SKI
Concert hall equipment AMPS
Cuatro times 42-Across OCHO
Defective MARRED
Dinosaur National Monument locale UTAH
Dudley Do-Right's girlfriend NELL
Federally funded program since '65 NEA
First name in beauty products ESTEE
First-rate STERLING
Hanukkah staple LATKE
Help with a prank ABET
Home of the 1,612-foot Ribbon Falls YOSEMITE
Instruction at a horse show TROT
Irwin who wrote 'Rich Man, Poor Man' SHAW
Isolated ALONE
It 'hits the spot' per an old jingle PEPSI
Jordanian queen NOOR
Like beggars' hands CUPPED
Like this answer's error TYPOGRPAHICAL
Long-___ LIVED
Migration, maybe TREK
Mother of the stars and the winds EOS
Clues Answers
Music sources CDS
On intimate social terms with SEEING
One of the 'Cosby Show' kids THEO
Ozone, for one GAS
Page numbers FOLIOS
Pasta choice PENNE
PC key ALT
Pinnacle ACME
Post-diet, ideally SLIM
Property divider HEDGEROW
Queen of the Heavens HERA
Record producer Brian ENO
Saturate SOP
Scotland's ___ Awe LOCH
See 24-Across NORSE
Sound choice? STEREO
Spray on a pan PAM
Steering system part TIEROD
Surfaces PAVES
Take exception to MIND
Takes a chance on RISKS
This answer contains one MISPELLEDWORD
Timeless, to Shakespeare ETERNE
Tiny blob AMOEBA
Took in MADE
Top celebs ALIST
Tour's end? ISM
Un cuarto of 62-Across DOS
Watering hole SALOON
What this answer could use? PROOFREADINNG
With 19-Across, language from which 'steak' and 'eggs' come OLD
___ bar TIKI
___ Jemison, first black woman in space MAE
___-di-dah LAH
___-Julie, Que. STE