Universal - Jul 9 2016

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Clues Answers
"7 Faces of Dr. ___" (1964 movie) LAO
"Buona ___" (Italian greeting) SERA
"Burnt" pigments SIENNAS
"It's a girl!" handout CIGAR
"Nay" offsetter AYE
"Other" category (Abbr.) MISC
"Please pardon me" EVERSOSORRY
"There ___ enough hours in the day" ARENT
"Thusly, we have spoken" ANDSOSAYALLOFUS
Addams family butler LURCH
Agile deer ROE
Alcoholic cakes BABAS
Astronomical distances PARSECS
Beast associated with Balaam ASS
Belle man? BEAU
Bothersome type PEST
Bridge-crossing fee TOLL
Burning AFIRE
Cab driver? TRUCKER
Caffeine source KOLA
Cash or one's home, e.g ASSET
Cell "messenger" RNA
Center of gravity? VEE
Change back to zeros RESET
Chat room icon AVATAR
Come unglued SNAP
Cook Maryland crabs STEAM
Dada pioneer ARP
Decompose ROT
Do extremely well EXCEL
Drunkard SOT
Emit, as sweat EGEST
Farmer's field LEA
Feel around blindly GROPE
Flourish THRIVE
Food prepared by blending PUREE
Frederic Douglass was one SLAVE
Fury IRE
Clues Answers
Gets ready for a golf drive TEESUP
Great, to a Beatles' fan FAB
Hypothetical evolutionary link APEMAN
Impersonal pronoun ITS
Income from wealth USANCE
Inheritance reducer ESTATETAX
Iraqi port BASRA
Japanese money YEN
Leafy salad green CRESS
Letters on an ambulance EMS
Lowers, as a light DIMS
Modus operandi METHOD
One of the Baltics LATVIA
Outer edge RIM
Pie-mode link ALA
Plural of 31-Across BEAUX
Plushness or opulence LUXE
Polar cover ICECAP
Pro basketball building ARENA
Rainbow shape ARC
Really fat Japanese athletes SUMOS
Remarkable thing to see SPECTACLE
Require an erasure ERR
Restaurant reading MENU
Scout uniform item SASH
SeaWorld favorite, once ORCA
Skip past OMIT
Small shovel SPADE
Smells to avoid ODORS
Sushi roll fish EEL
Tibet's capital city LHASA
To whom Brutus got his point across CAESAR
Turned chicken RAN
Vast part of the North Atlantic SARGASSOSEA
When repeated, a Latin dance CHA
Wolflike LUPINE
Word following a handshake DEAL
Zero, in soccer NIL
___ mignon FILET