L.A. Times Daily - Jul 9 2016

Clues Answers
"In __, I know not why I am so sad": "The Merchant of Venice" SOOTH
"The Other Side of Oz" autobiographer EBSEN
'90s Philippine president Fidel RAMOS
18th-dynasty Egyptian pharaoh KINGTUT
1996 Richard Gere thriller PRIMALFEAR
57-Across sellers PUBS
Alert follower, perhaps SPOILER
Author Blyton ENID
Badger State city MADISON
Baltimore bard POE
Barbecue supply COALS
Beast of burden LLAMA
Blues with sticks: Abbr STL
Cal's "East of Eden" brother ARON
Chinese menu possessive TSOS
Church areas APSES
Corner TRAP
Crowded DENSE
Degree seekers CANDIDATES
Demographers' concerns BIRTHRATES
Detach, in a way TEAROFF
Detect vulnerability SMELLBLOOD
Eclectic magazine UTNE
Enthusiastic KEEN
Essentials ABCS
Flaps ADOS
Flummoxed ATSEA
G-man AGT
Goes through carefully SIFTS
GPS suggestion RTE
Hardly a light six-pack? ABSOFSTEEL
Heavy wind? TUBA
Help, in Le Havre AIDER
Clues Answers
Hendrix hairdo AFRO
High wind? OBOE
Highland attire KILTS
Isn't for you? ARENT
It merged with SAG in 2012 AFTRA
JAMA subscribers DRS
Like much property PRIVATE
Lines of thought? EEGS
Make official ENACT
Ministers TENDS
Mrs. Gorbachev RAISA
Nigerian native IBO
NYC saloon featured in a 2000 film COYOTEUGLY
Percussion staples SNAREDRUMS
Performed, in Shakespeare DIDST
Premium Scotch choice SINGLEMALT
Preserves, for keeps: Abbr SYN
Pull up stakes, informally RELO
Reason for many a school absence STREP
Resolves, as a contract dispute ARBITRATES
Santa Ynez Valley prefix OENO
Some vents LOUVERS
Splitting target ATOM
Springs with steam GEYSERS
Staple in 48-Down BEER
Sticks around LINGERS
Still runner MOONSHINER
Stone and others SLYS
Taqueria adjective ASADA
The Stans were among them: Abbr SSRS
They may be spilled SECRETS
Union requirement DUES
Wall adornment ART
__ scheme RHYME