USA Today - Jul 8 2016

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Clues Answers
". . . yada, yada, yada" ETC
"American Sniper" setting IRAQ
"Deathtrap" playwright Ira LEVIN
"Get Carter" actress, and a 1974 Bond Girl BRITTEKLAND
"Lois & Clark" actress, and a 1997 Bond Girl TERIHATCHER
"Monster's Ball" actress, and a 2002 Bond Girl HALLEBERRY
"Nightclubbing" singer, and a 1985 Bond Girl GRACEJONES
"Still mooing," at a diner RARE
"The Jazz Singer," notably TALKIE
11/11 honoree VET
Affleck thriller ARGO
Alternative to ale LAGER
Banish to Siberia EXILE
Bank (on) RELY
Broken mirror, to some OMEN
Call to a bellhop FRONT
Chaney who played Quasimodo LON
Chip away at ERODE
Clobber with snowballs PELT
Closer's stat SAVE
Cloverleaf part EXIT
Court-martial candidate DESERTER
Dean Martin song topic AMORE
Diminutive, in Dogpatch LIL
Either of Dumbo's "wings" EAR
Et ___ (footnote abbr.) SEQ
Fabled also-ran HARE
Fare with mimosas OMELETS
Female Kodiak, say SHEBEAR
Figaro's city SEVILLE
Finger protector THIMBLE
Follow stealthily TAIL
Gazpacho, for one SOUP
Give a hoot CARE
Go "pfft" DIE
Humvee precursor JEEP
Identifies, slangily PEGS
Is a buttinsky PRIES
Clues Answers
Jerry's partner in ice cream BEN
Landscaper's tool EDGER
Laser printer need TONER
Led Zeppelin's "Whole ___ Love" LOTTA
Leprechaun land ERIN
Like morning grass DEWY
Like petting zoo animals TAME
Like Welsh rarebit CHEESY
Lose on purpose THROW
Make hopping mad RILE
Nabisco ___ Wafers NILLA
One of four classical elements EARTH
PC storage medium, once TAPE
Pebbles' toon father FRED
Persian despot of old SATRAP
Place for a "cuppa" CAFE
Rice who writes of vampires ANNE
Rolls Royce radial TYRE
Running score TALLY
Some roofing pros SLATERS
Some sugar sources BEETS
Sound of a faceplant THUD
Source of fries, slangily TATER
Studio sign ONAIR
Take the tiller STEER
Tear to shreds REND
Tesla or watt UNIT
Things in some tabloid pics UFOS
Till stack TENS
Times in want ads EVES
Took a powder FLED
Toward the rudder AFT
Try again, as a court case REHEAR
Turntable part ARM
Way up or down STAIR
Word in the three wise monkeys' proverb EVIL
Yet to be filled OPEN
Yield to wanderlust ROVE
___ Scotia lox NOVA