The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,160 - Jul 7 2016

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Clues Answers
'Shocked' almost certainly peeped hiding Sun SURPRISED
Aircraft proceeds slowly following battle's opening BLIMPS
Ban nude star sketchily covering up -- too common SUPERABUNDANT
Burn energy taking runs STREAM
Close partners in heartless mistrust after a change AMENDMENT
Combat with lives in balance RESIST
Conceived and nourished eating butter? FRAMED
Cooked sliced potato ring in dip SCALLOP
Defeated European saint buried in part of garden BESTED
Erudite men sat around giving inferior judgement UNDERESTIMATE
Evangelist to lapse improperly APOSTLE
False alarm ends -- quiet ahead SHAM
Films covert agency employing flipped operatives CINEMA
Formula developed about energy and speed of light RECIPE
Grate temperature rising in fire's flare-up OUTBURST
Clues Answers
Horror from nudist as 'textiles' gathered round DISTASTE
Lady exposes Mellors's rear, holding on BARONESS
Make liquid boil, say, for serving up OBLIGE
More corpulent and porky right after drink PORTLIER
Movement Number One with volume turned up EMOTION
Overly big? Excessive size evident intially OBESE
Physical resistance found in Tube CARNAL
Queen backing about arrangement for instrument RECORDER
Radio set used to find celestial body ASTEROID
Relationship of Left under attack RAPPORT
Rodent caught inside that is furious IRATE
The French start to strike? Not so much LESS
Tortured artist swallows Ecstasy before English essay TREATISE
Trespasser gendarme traps climbing exit EGRESS
United, wearing team colour, worked out REASONED