Wall Street Journal - Jul 13 2016 - Star Vehicles

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Clues Answers
'I'll give it a go' LETMETRY
'No, really!' ISWEAR
'Such a kidder!' OHYOU
1991 breakup site USSR
Abbr. on a dial OPER
Amazing, slangily INSANE
Antipathy HATE
Assented SAIDOK
Attracts, as customers REELSIN
Baron De La Warr or William Penn EPONYM
Become swiftly attentive SNAPTO
Bit of 32-Across RIB
Black-and-white swimmer ORCA
Blender output PUREE
Bourgogne brushoff NON
Bull on bottles ELMER
Bush Sr.'s veep QUAYLE
Central MID
Chilling, militarily ATEASE
Contented sigh AAH
Cop's collar PERP
Covering many subjects BROAD
Detox candidate USER
Diner menu section EGGS
Discombobulate UNHINGE
Eats from a smoker BARBQ
Eyedropper end BULB
Fighting Big Ten athletes ILLINI
Fill-in SUB
Floor exercise PUSHUP
Get ___ at the table ASEAT
Hoity-toity LADIDA
Iceberg alternative ROMAINE
Ill-bred fellow BOOR
Irish moss, for one REDALGAE
Jazz ensemble SEXTET
John Durbeyfield's daughter TESS
Kind of pron REL
Clues Answers
Leaf blower brand TORO
Like many fingerprints LATENT
Like saddle shoes TWOTONE
Lust for life ELAN
Maryland player TERP
Monopoly token choice HAT
Mucky milieu STY
Natural healers HERBS
One having a silent chat TEXTER
Onetime Comanche foe UTE
Ortho dept. scan MRI
Pacifying words NOWNOW
Pasture bleat BAA
Pep rally performer TWIRLER
Pipe or pasta form ELBOW
Pizza part CRUST
Plotting UPTO
Reddi-___ (dessert topping) WIP
Sea air? SHANTY
Senora's 'Certainly!' SISI
Singer at Barack's 2009 inauguration ARETHA
Sinuous swimmer EEL
Skedaddle BOLT
Some are Jewish RYES
Some Ivy grads ELIS
Squeak silencer LUBE
Start for surgery NEURO
Strewn item SEED
Tales from an elder LORE
Tourney passes BYES
Transport for director Preminger? OTTOMOBILE
Transport for director Welles? ORSONBUGGY
Transport for film's Driver? MINNIEBIKE
Transport for TV's Duke? PATTYWAGON
Water, whirled EDDY
Where to see 'Silicon Valley' HBO
Wise guy SAGE
Work period DAY