Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jul 1 2016

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Clues Answers
Agony aunt hasn't any thing to chew on, in a sweet way NOUGAT
Area on oil rig for electric current from Mayo with a distinctive flavour AIOLI
Artist working in college has a reputation for being unstable RADON
Backing American workers in charge of film industry CINEMA
Carl or Rocky is an American stockholder CORRAL
Church grounds in Jerusalem? HOLYLAND
Clean up something similar to 10 across with compulsive desire over heads of religious institute STRIKEITRICH
Energetic copper in the middle of the motorway doing U-turn with the Korean Rose HYPERICUM
Equipment includes in this day and age everything for smart alec KNOWITALL
Find me in regency complex by accident EMERGENCY
Glen loses head in passage ALLEY
Golfers lost closing hole showing a lack of honesty GUILE
Graduate is in the money in place of the Arabs CASBAH
Hawk review of the foreign theologian going on record PEDDLE
Clues Answers
Looking out for the first person we hear making gin EYEING
Make scene over old father downing tools STOPPAGE
Party before first game of bingo? Call Rex, he's bound to be there! DOGHOUSE
Pessimist won't acknowledge this has nothing to do with the Takeaway, figuratively speaking POSITIVESIGN
Puts movement to melodies for those looking to go to the next level UPSTAIRS
Salutes without a struggle TUSSLE
Small family members hitting Dome with tennis ball locally SKINHEAD
The Olympic track events for those looking for their amusement away from The House OUTDOORGAMES
Those interested in a fight with source from Curragh camp ARMYBASE
Time to get your coat, as one has made one's peace READYTOGO
Travel agent perhaps is taking a break HOLIDAYMAKER
Truant is mistaken for one of those types who is also uncovered NATURIST
Two pubs for one starting college - it's savage! BARBARIC
Whistler leaves daughters-in-law in Africa UGANDA