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Clues Answers
'A Prairie Home Companion' town LAKEWOBEGON
'Boy!' or 'girl!' lead-in ATTA
'Chocolat' actor Johnny DEPP
'Got it,' facetiously AHSO
'I read you' ROGER
'Is' pluralized ARE
'It's Just a Matter of Time' singer of 1959 BROOKBENTON
'Sure thing' YEAH
-- del Fuego (island group) TIERRA
4:00 socials TEAS
Actress Jacob IRENE
Actress Thurman UMA
Adam's mate EVE
Apparel WEAR
Arab land OMAN
Athletic shoe brand ETONIC
Author Oz AMOS
Be a sentinel for STANDGUARDOVER
Becomes extinct DIESOUT
Besieger's bomb PETARD
Bewilder BEMUSE
Blue Jays, on scoreboards TOR
Blues singer -- James ETTA
Boars, say HOGS
Bodega site BARRIO
Botch it up ERR
Bubbling, as hot water ABOIL
By one means or another SOMEWAY
Camry, e.g TOYOTA
Captivate ENAMOR
Casbah city ALGIERS
Cheer word RAH
Code name MORSE
Collate, e.g SORT
Compass pt SSE
Composer Benjamin BRITTEN
Cough up PAY
Current flow measures AMPERES
Davis of 'Get on the Bus' OSSIE
Devitalized EFFETE
Diem lead-in PER
Digit with a relatively large nail BIGTOE
Element #5 BORON
Facial hair LASHES
FBI worker GMAN
Fed head Janet YELLEN
First part of an act SCENEI
Florida resort TAMPA
Fourth scale steps FAS
Funny Philips EMO
Gary of beat poetry SNYDER
Glassy looks STARES
Gold, to José ORO
Gp. against bullfighting PETA
Graham of football OTTO
Grizzly catcher's activity BEARHUNTING
Heckler's cry BOO
Hollywood's Sharif OMAR
In thing, temporarily FAD
Includes HAS
Island that's Príncipe's partner SAOTOME
Jackie's 'O' ARI
Knights' suits ARMORS
LaBeouf of 'I, Robot' SHIA
Lacking any amenities SPARTAN
Lamentable RUEFUL
Like pre-1991 Russia SOVIET
Long-loved item OLDFAVORITE
Loud noise DIN
Clues Answers
Lower the value of DERATE
Major- -- (steward) DOMO
Male turkeys TOMS
Many busts STATUES
Metal cake container TINPAN
Minnesota's capital STPAUL
Minor deities DEMIGODS
Moist WET
Molecule unit ATOM
Movie genre NOIR
Nanny, e.g GOAT
Night hooters OWLS
Not keep up LAG
Not reveal one's pain SUFFERINSILENCE
Oppressive ONEROUS
Oreo, e.g COOKIE
Other, to José OTRA
Outward flow EFFLUX
Paco of fashion RABANNE
Pahlavi, e.g SHAH
Part of IMO INMY
Perhaps MAYBE
Product's ultimate application ENDUSE
Projecting flat collar FLANGE
Pub mug TOBY
Putting game GOLF
Refinery rock ORE
Regarding that matter THEREIN
Rein in CURB
Ring count TEN
Rival one is amicable with FRENEMY
Sacred sites SANCTUMS
Savory jelly ASPIC
Scholastic stat GPA
Selected CHOSEN
Set out for GOTO
Sizable vase URN
Small hound BEAGLE
Solidarity ONENESS
Sophia of the silver screen LOREN
Special FX graphics CGI
Stock value PAR
Straight whiskey type BOURBON
Stymied INAFIX
Swenson of the screen INGA
Telly channel BBC
Tennis' Fraser NEALE
Tennis' Graf STEFFI
Thanksgiving side dish YAMS
That, to José ESA
Thrifty rival ALAMO
Tic-toe linkup TAC
Tiny nation in Europe MONACO
Totally fulfill SATE
Tough one STUMPER
Tousle MUSS
Towel off again REDRY
Train lines, e.g.: Abbr RTES
Up vote AYE
Utah city OREM
What the first words of 23-, 25-, 38-, 57-, 76-, 96- and 110-Across can all mean PUTUPWITH
Within: Prefix ENDO
Yank at TUGON
Young moray, say ELVER