The Washington Post - Jun 24 2016

Clues Answers
'Jurassic Park' star Dern LAURA
'Land' for dreamers LALA
'Little Things' songstress India.___ ARIE
'O sole ___' MIO
'Really?' ISIT
'___ I a stinker?' AINT
Alan Alda's sextet of statuettes EMMYS
America's portliest president TAFT
Any insect HEXAPOD
Autumn yard workers RAKERS
Barely achieves EKESOUT
Batter beginner, or a description of the four letters in the exact centers of 20-, 29-, 46-, and 54-Across CAKEMIX
Bear in the heavens URSA
Ben & Jerry's alternative EDYS
Bookcase place, perhaps ALCOVE
Brief letter closing YOURS
Cabbage with a turnip-shaped bottom KOHLRABI
Campaign manager's concern IMAGE
Camporee excursion, perhaps HIKE
Can't help but HASTO
Case for Mulder and Scully XFILE
Celestial source of radio waves PULSAR
Charters LEASES
Chateaubriand or porterhouse STEAKCUT
Chewing gum base CHICLE
Chillingly mysterious EERIE
Cochise's tribe APACHES
Cookie with a Cookie Dough variety OREO
Copper-colored coins (abbr.) CTS
Crash into RAM
Create an aquatint ETCH
Euclid's initial, to Euclid ETA
Eva ___ of 'CSI: Miami' LARUE
Fizzy fountain order SODA
Get along well, informally CLICK
Gucci scent named for a deadly sin ENVY
Hallowed, in some old scripts BLEST
Has a face-to-face with SEES
Identifies publicly OUTS
Clues Answers
Ione of the silver screen SKYE
Italy's second-longest river TIBER
Jacob held his heel during birth ESAU
Laundromat load WASH
Like a die CUBIC
Long wistfully YEARN
Lucinda in 'Ella Enchanted,' e.g FAIRY
Make like a drifter ROVE
Make ___ at (attempt) ASTAB
Mid-March marchers IRISH
Motion-carrying votes AYES
Nears a trip to the farmer's market RIPENS
New England, colloquially BACKEAST
Parka part HOOD
Perfect season spoiler LOSS
Phrase often used when parting TAKECARE
Possible brawling aftermath BLACKEYE
Promptness in response ALACRITY
Rating to rave about AONE
Reader with the slogan 'Cure Ignorance' UTNE
Rib joint order SLAB
Riyadh resident, probably SAUDI
Ron portrayed in 'Born on the Fourth of July' KOVIC
Setting for Ernie's 'Rubber Duckie' song TUB
Sloop staff CREW
Slow-brewed beer LAGER
Smidgen SKOSH
Some raw bar shellfish CLAMS
Sonneteer or psalmist POET
Sounds from a parrot's cage SQUAWKS
Table extender LEAF
The Grinch's thievery victims WHOS
The House of Dana's first fragrance TABU
Trade org. that included the Benelux nations EEC
Translucent cameo stone ONYX
Vitus Bering or Victor Borge DANE
Waterfront structure QUAY
What a tetherball is tethered to POLE