Universal - Jun 24 2016

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Clues Answers
"Animal Farm" author ORWELL
"Let's make some ___!" NOISE
Alternatives OTHERS
Anonymous people ONES
Battle memento SCAR
Bitterly regret RUE
Certain construction girder IBEAM
Congressman, for one LAWMAKER
Cookbook amt TBSP
Corp. bigwig EXEC
Crumbly earth deposits MARLS
Darlings DEARS
Do again REPEAT
Dundee hill BRAE
Ear part LOBE
Emulating a sleepyhead ABED
Ethiopian coin BIRR
Evolution, for one THEORY
Expensive COSTLY
Fate of a certain shah EXILE
Fine fiddle AMATI
Former prince? FROG
Fund contributor DONOR
Game based on world conquest RISK
Hardly heart-pounding TAME
He played Opie RON
In midvoyage ASEA
Ireland nickname ERIN
Irregularly round OVATE
Kayak's relative CANOE
Keebler's crew ELVES
Last word in a threat ELSE
Lifeboat item OAR
Like auto shop floors OILY
Limerick's land EIRE
Lip-___ (mouth the words) SYNC
List-lengthening abbr ETAL
Long walk HIKE
Clues Answers
Love, in Lourdes AMOUR
Map within a map INSET
Media component PRESS
Neighbor of Israel SYRIA
Not silently ALOUD
Observatory function SCAN
Obviously chafed RED
Party handouts FAVORS
Plastic wrap brand SARAN
Plymouth landmark ROCK
Pork, for one MEAT
Prepare to take off TAXI
Provide provender for FEED
Puccini genre OPERA
Put down for the count KAYO
Reproductive organ OVARY
Rib order SLAB
Robin Hood's Tuck FRIAR
Seed site, sometimes CORE
Single piece of information DATUM
Slap cuffs on NAB
Stabilizing part KEEL
Start of a south-of-the-border cheer VIVA
Stock holder PEN
Studious stereotypes NERDS
Suck up again REABSORB
Temperamental MOODY
They may be fine-toothed COMBS
Three oceans touch it ASIA
Turnpike toll unit AXLE
Type of code AREA
Used a bell RANG
Watchful pair EYES
Yard or garage events SALES
___ out a living (scrape by) EKE