USA Today - Jun 23 2016

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Clues Answers
"Buy It Now" site EBAY
"Death in Venice" author Thomas MANN
"Fuel" Singer DiFranco ANI
"Heidi" setting ALPS
"I have no idea" GOTME
"Love Song" singer Bareilles SARA
"Network" director Sidney LUMET
"Stay right there" DONTMOVE
"__ the season ..." TIS
10% donations TITHES
52-Across additive ALOE
A pop EACH
ACLU part: Abbr AMER
Ad-__ (wing it) LIB
Architect Frank __ Wright LLOYD
Area between hills VALE
Bread with falafel PITA
Carnival setups TENTS
Choreographer de Mille AGNES
Class ring inscription YEAR
Delivery doc OBGYN
Deuce beater TREY
Dodge City lawman EARP
English exam part ESSAY
Exactly right ONTARGET
Fancy fundraiser GALA
Gem State capital BOISE
Gillette offering SHAVINGCREAM
Go for a spin MOTOR
Hairy beast APE
Homes to brooders COOPS
How-to book MANUAL
Hungarian dessert wines TOKAYS
In recent days LATELY
It's the limit, in a saying SKY
Job interview topic SALARY
K-__ ("As Seen On TV" co.) TEL
Kitty starter ANTE
Knuckleheads ASSES
Clues Answers
Lengthen or shorten ALTER
Leslie of "Gigi" CARON
Lob's path ARC
Makes money hand over fist RAKESINTHEDOUGH
Mark of Zorro SLASH
Money in the bank: Abbr ACCT
Nobel Prize subj ECON
North-of-the-border farewell ADIEU
One of the Gershwins IRA
Partner of now THEN
Passport datum NAME
Picnic ruiner RAIN
Pothole filler TAR
Prefix with dynamic AERO
Puzzling situation ENIGMA
Pvt. Pyle's org USMC
Rand McNally book ATLAS
Range covering much of Missouri OZARKS
Regarding, on a memo ASTO
Resort spot ISLE
School support org PTA
Sea of __ (Don River outflow) AZOV
Shannon Airport's county CLARE
Smell like old cigars REEK
Sound from the bull pen SNORT
Stamping tools DIES
Sticky situation PRETTYPICKLE
Supplies with a crew MANS
Take place OCCUR
Thailand, until 1949 SIAM
Tiny criticism NIT
Tomei of "The Wrestler" MARISA
Took a gander at EYED
Waste not USE
Westernmost Aleutian ATTU
Where Farsi is spoken IRAN
Witty Mort SAHL
__ Field (Queens ballpark) CITI
__ Lackawanna Railway ERIE