New York Times - Jun 23 2016

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Clues Answers
'Bleeding Love' singer Lewis, 2007 LEONA
'Gandhi' garb SARIS
'Hamilton' actress ___ Elise Goldsberry RENEE
'Now I remember!' OHYES
'Speed' star REEVES
'Swan Lake' bend PLIE
2013 Grammy winner for 'Royals' LORDE
Aces have low ones, briefly ERAS
Agrees JIBES
Be exceedingly frugal, formally? PENELOPEPINCH
Commercial lead-in to méxico AERO
Competing INIT
Converges on NEARS
Cryptanalysis org NSA
Doesn't fold, say STAYS
E.R. V.I.P.s MDS
Flotilla ARMADA
French colony until 1953 LAOS
French sweetie CHERI
Get in a bind TIE
Goof ERR
Greek city-state POLIS
Half of a salon job PEDI
Hamlet and Ophelia, e.g ROLES
Hero of New Orleans POBOY
Hesitate, in a way HEM
Involve ENTAIL
It comes in cakes SOAP
It may be forgiven DEBT
Jon who wrote and illustrated 'Go Hang a Salami! I'm a Lasagna Hog!' AGEE
Kind of printer, formally? DOROTHYMATRIX
Lab compound, to a chemist SAL
Match player? PYRO
Clues Answers
Monkeys' uncles? APES
Mortgage adjustment, briefly REFI
Mountain route PASS
North Carolina university ELON
Not many AFEW
One of a mythological nonet ERATO
Pennsylvania's northernmost county ERIE
Phrase in a group photo caption LEFTTORIGHT
Plant in an English hedge YEW
Play a game on Halloween, formally? ROBERTFORAPPLES
Played for a sap USED
Popular first-person shooter video game HALO
Prepare to tweet, say LOGON
Radiohead frontman Thom YORKE
Remote hiding place? SOFA
Some deer DOES
Speakeasy-goer WET
Spiral HELIX
Suck up, maybe SIPHON
Swenson of 'Benson' INGA
The first Mrs. Woodrow Wilson ELLEN
They're best left untouched, generally speaking IRAS
Tiny amounts JOTS
Treats since 1932 MARSBARS
Very cunning, formally? SYLVESTERASAFOX
Way off EXIT
Went carefully (over) PORED
Whack SWAT
Where many grunts may be heard? ARMYBASE
Whilom ERST
Whittle down PARE
Winner of the Triple Crown of Acting (Oscar, Tony and Emmy) HELENMIRREN
Winter Olympics venues ICERINKS
Word before 'Sixteen,' 'Time' and 'You' in top 10 hit songs ONLY
Writer Waugh ALEC