Universal - Jun 20 2016

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Clues Answers
"All right!" YES
"Finally!" ATLAST
1/12 of a subscription, often ISSUE
A real head-turner NECK
All hail them? CABS
Aware of, as a scam ONTO
Ballpark official, briefly UMP
Bard's "before" ERE
Bluebird's residence NEST
Bone or flute TIBIA
Britain, to the U.S ALLY
Bugs on a hill ANTS
Cabbagelike veggie KALE
Capsize (with "over") KEEL
Civil disturbances RIOTS
Clark's partner LOIS
Collectors' goals SETS
Corleone in "The Godfather" VITO
Cornmeal dish PONE
Cyrano's large feature NOSE
Desktop graphic symbol ICON
Do as one's told OBEY
Dollar relative EURO
Electrically charged particles IONS
Face downward PRONE
Fills to excess SATES
First word said after a birth ITS
Food for frogs FLIES
Get more fondue REDIP
Gin flavorer SLOE
Goes around with bad intentions LOOKSFORTROUBLE
Good and steamed IRATE
Government procurement org. GSA
Hairstyle that's picked? AFRO
Happen again RECUR
Hardly melodious ATONAL
Have roots in (with "from") STEM
Hay or choir area LOFT
Clues Answers
Health club features SPAS
Heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, etc VITALS
Illegal inducement BRIBE
Is absolutely relentless STOPSATNOTHING
Is as stubborn as a mule LISTENSTONOONE
It can be an X or an O TIC
It's charged PRICE
It's mounted on runners SLED
Lacking freshness STALE
Like a Kansan's trite joke? CORNY
Like a lemon TART
Love to pieces ADORE
Lullaby composer Johannes BRAHMS
Monthly lunar phenomena FULLMOONS
Nasal congestion locale SINUS
Not true FALSE
Old field goal attempts DROPKICKS
Place to swim POOL
Plus column entry ASSET
Poker-pot starter ANTE
Provide evidence for ATTEST
Quite a bit OFTEN
Search, as for compliments FISH
Serve the iced tea POUR
Small town BURG
Spars that cross a sail SPRITS
Spread apart, as fingers SPLAY
Starchy veggie TUBER
Things that may twinkle EYES
Top-of-the-line AONE
Tropical spots ISLES
Utterly undecided TORN
Vending-machine offering COLA
Vigorous enthusiasm ELAN
Winged honker GOOSE
Woodwind with a pastoral sound OBOE
Word with "medicine" or "cedar" CHEST
___ horse (locomotive) IRON